The Healing Synopsis
A faith healer's power causes paranormal events and a rash of suicides and murders.

Movie Reviews

The Healing

By evitavalero
"The Healing" Awesome! just Awesome! my daughter who was born and raised here in Southern California, had the best experience, though she is not fluent in speaking Tagalog, she fully understand the...

Very Good Filipino Movie

By mralvin808
Very Good Filipino Movie... with excellent cast of veteran actors and actresses... It is a horror/suspense film with a touch of comedy and drama... MUST SEE IT.... GO GO GO.... from TSAMBERO...

Was not disappointed!

By tweetyrates
This movie is better than "The Road". That's all I can say!...

Surprisingly entertaining!

By myles_seven
We came to watch the movie with low expectations because we haven't seen a really good horror movie since Feng Shui. Fortunately, the movie was not bad. Well, it wasn't as scary, disturbing, and...

The Healing

By musicnme0919
It's been a long time since the last movie of the one and only ?Philippines' Star for All Season's?...I missed her so much...I saw the 1130am showing and to my surprise there were a lot of people...