The Harimaya Bridge Synopsis
An American (Bennet Guillory) travels to rural Japan to collect his late son's belongings.

Movie Reviews

The Harimaya Bridge

By Great Oz
Not the fastest pacing, but sticking with it will reward you with a very moving experience. You portrayal of Japanese manners is right on. The cinematography of the countryside is sometimes...

You have to see it!

By Harimaya
This is such a beautiful movie!!! This movie shows the real Japanese people, Japanese culture and the Japanese country side scenes. Not exaggerated, no stereotype.... Really really a great movie!...

The Harimaya Bridge

By moviaddic
Good movie. Enjoyed it -- sometimes a bit slow moving, but all in all would recommend it to all parents to see it. Very enjoyable. Exhilirating....

The Harimaya Bridge

By hendrix007
Excellent film, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I liked the slower pacing of the film, the director took the time to fully develop his characters. It was really cool afterwards when the director took...

Wonderful Film

By Jackie Lane
This is a must see film. The acting, plot and the shots of Japan are wonderful. The story line starts slow and builds while bringing you along on a terrific adventure between two cultures....

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Rated NR