Worst Movie Ever

By Sprizzle
Written June 18, 2008
All I can say is that I was embarrassed for the actors on screen, who were completely miscast IMO, and that this movie is the reason why one person should rarely be writer, director, and producer. Worst dialog, carelessly established relationships, and a scenario that wasn't terrifying at all. I went to see it with a friend and we both wondered about 20 minutes into the movie if it was a joke and we were all on hidden camera. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!
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Written June 13, 2008
I just saw the press screening for this movie by M. Night Shyamalan (writer/producer/director). The Happening is a NON-event - which is mercifully 90 minutes short. It is a lackluster film that seems STUNTED and half-hearted in premise and delivery - and could not blossom beyond the weak script/story - it feels like a dish half-cooked or a meal that smells promising but leaves your palate unsatisfied hungry for something else. This movie has a totally different feel from M. Night's previous efforts - it has no surprise endings/revelations, and is more gory..... and missing the director's Hitchcock-inspired cameo. The saving grace is that the movie was competently acted by Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, Ashlyn Sanchez (... um, and over-acted by John Leguizamo). If you go to see it with high expectations, you will be disappointed. Recommendation: If you are a M. Night Shyamalan fan - go see it. Otherwise, just wait for the DVD. Grade: C
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Interesting premise

By fairygirl43
Written May 23, 2008
I'll start by saying that overall, I've enjoyed M. Night Shyamalan's movies. There are aspects of all of them that I've enjoyed. So I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with The Happening. Not quite sure about the casting yet - will have to see the movie before I comment on that.
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A review from someone who understood the movie.

By travisbarker182
Written June 14, 2008
Alright I am here to give my side of the story. THIS IS A SPOILER SO ONLY READ IF YOU HAVE NOT, HAVE NOT, SEEN THE MOVIE Alright well this movie is about how horrible the human race is and how we are killing the planet. The acting was awful...on purpose! This is a satire on the human race. Thats how it is. All of these actors have showing that they are capable of executing terrific performances. The trouble between walberg's character and his wife was petty...because that is how we really are! We blow things out of proportion. This movie is flipping everything. We are killing the earth. Well what if it was turned? The planet has had enough so it starts killing us because of all the negative energy. At the end when the main characters are not killed it is because they forgave each other and changed. They put off positive energy. There is symbolism all over this movie. You cannot judge this at face value. This is how i interpreted it. This movie was executed perfectly.Howelsecoulditend?
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The Happening

By le84ah
Written June 13, 2008
...it was FREAKY! but it makes you think.
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