Not Quite Hungover

By brhartley
Written May 24, 2013
The final movie in the Hangover trilogy left me wanting more. There were times where several minutes would go by on screen with no jokes, gags, or stunts and I almost got bored. The script seemed much more focused on this desperate chase and man hunt than the funny interactions the group have. The wolfpack seemed equally uninterested to be in the movie as they were in their life or death circumstances. The movie felt smaller at times, and not on such an epic scale as the first one. Mysteries seemed scarce and the center of most of the comedy, Vegas, played little part in the film. All that being said there were a good amount of moments that were funny, and they oddly spent some time on the characters than a normal comedy would. And not to ruin the ending, but it gave me the most hope, but also let me down when I thought the really part III should've started there.
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By chandice
Written August 10, 2013
I love the Hangover movies....but this one MUST be the last!
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Different formula

By nachternal
Written June 01, 2013
This one was a bit better than the 2nd in that it wasn't a complete re-hash of the 2nd. A new formula, but with good one liners and adventure. I think the shock factor was a bit toned down in this one, except for the scene during the credits.
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By Thisismyboomstick123
Written May 31, 2013
I saw this movie as being more of a crime flick with comedic elements than a full-on comedy. However, the ending is awkwardly hilarious. So, give t a watch.
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Let Down

By PixieDreamer
Written May 24, 2013
I was shocked on how badly I was let down by this movie. Had some funny parts but nothing that had me laugh out loud like the first one. Honestly was not worth seeing in theaters. Also the part at the end was probably the best part in the whole movie and it's like the writers were saying there is going to be another movie which was confusing considering it says this is the finale
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