Better than the second film, but still not near as good as the first movie

By TerpsFan72
Written June 01, 2013
I will start by saying I liked this movie, they changed up the formula a bit...but not all that much, lol. I also need to say I liked The Hangover part 2, didn't seem to rub me the wrong way like it did so many people, but then again I like my humor a little on the dark side from time to time. I do have to say that The Hangover 3 comes across on it's initial viewing as a better movie than part 2, but we will see if it holds up well. Part 2 actually has gotten better upon repeated viewings in my opinion and of course part 1 remains an all time great comedy classic. I am happy they are ending the franchise with this movie, it has run it's course and much would just seem like to much of a money grab ala the Die Hard series, the Pirates series or even a series like Fast and Furious. If you're a Hangover fan you need to go see this, if you're not stay away.
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Hangover Series Redeems Itself!!

By koziollz
Written May 24, 2013
With part 3 of the Hangover series the wolfpack trilogy is back and the series redeemed itself!!! After the 2nd movie most fans were left disappointed, but the craziness and laughs is back for part 3! Go check it out!
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Not Quite Hungover

By brhartley
Written May 24, 2013
The final movie in the Hangover trilogy left me wanting more. There were times where several minutes would go by on screen with no jokes, gags, or stunts and I almost got bored. The script seemed much more focused on this desperate chase and man hunt than the funny interactions the group have. The wolfpack seemed equally uninterested to be in the movie as they were in their life or death circumstances. The movie felt smaller at times, and not on such an epic scale as the first one. Mysteries seemed scarce and the center of most of the comedy, Vegas, played little part in the film. All that being said there were a good amount of moments that were funny, and they oddly spent some time on the characters than a normal comedy would. And not to ruin the ending, but it gave me the most hope, but also let me down when I thought the really part III should've started there.
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By chandice
Written August 10, 2013
I love the Hangover movies....but this one MUST be the last!
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Let Down

By PixieDreamer
Written May 24, 2013
I was shocked on how badly I was let down by this movie. Had some funny parts but nothing that had me laugh out loud like the first one. Honestly was not worth seeing in theaters. Also the part at the end was probably the best part in the whole movie and it's like the writers were saying there is going to be another movie which was confusing considering it says this is the finale
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