By RLepow
Written May 23, 2013
This movie is a MUST PASS...don't waste your money....there isn't a single laugh in an hour and 40 minutes. A complete departure from the first two Hangovers, this is more of a chase story of Leslie Chow than a comedy. You've seen the highlight scenes on the trailer shown on TV. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY...this is horrendous.....
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hangover fun

By fox399992124
Written June 05, 2013
My kids and I love all the movies! if there is another one I would see it again but hay I like cheesy movies and this one is getting that way but that's part of the fun!
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By mdmachlin
Written May 28, 2013
As always, the Hangover movies are hilarious! Normally I would have rented this film on dvd, but I was in the mood to see a comedy so we spent the extra money to see it at the theater.
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Third Installment Not a "Hangover" Worth Having...

By JosephSchroeder3781
Written May 28, 2013
Ok, I'll admit it. I ignored last week's critical response and went ahead and bought 7 tickets to this. While this fare has been typically geared toward a male-skewing audience, the previous two films were actually ones we could bring our significant others to as well. The unfortunate part is, no matter who you bring along, this film will disappoint you. Let's get into the rationale as to why you should pass: • There isn't a "hangover" to speak of in the film. The formula for the first two films has been tossed completely out the window, and it's now a watered-down version of a mistaken identity plotline. • The script reserves the best material for Ken Jeong. Don't get me wrong, I like him. Very, very much. But Cooper, Helms, and Galifinakis are utterly wasted through a severe majority of the film. • This has been dubbed "the end" of the franchise (which we can never trust), and yet, the film had no sense of nostalgia or remembrance regarding any of the characters.
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Written May 25, 2013
The Hangover Part III, what a horrible horrible horrible waste of my time/money/life. Would've gotten more enjoyment setting that $10 on fire. The first movie was good, the second one sucked because it was just the first one set in Thailand. Don't know why I expected this one to REDEEM it all. Glad they all got a paycheck from that heaping pile of garbage. The only thing that would've made the movie alright is if when it was over the usher was standing at the door to hand you a refund.
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