Great conclusion to the trilogy!

By aaronb13
Written May 23, 2013
As much as the second movie disappointed, this third one thrills. The plot is new, the cast is back and as good as ever and there are enough cameos to keep you rolling on the floor.
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Worth seeing

By prodigy2803
Written January 31, 2015
I would say it was funnier than part II, but not as good of a story. The story is so-so, kinda seems random, but it works. Like part II, not as good as the original, but still worth seeing in theaters.
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It's ok.

By Sam.lynch
Written March 27, 2015
The first Hangover is definitely the best. I was hoping that Part III would at least up the funny or antics. It really just plays off the rediculousness that is Mr. Chow. I was quite disappointed and do not recommend wasting your money by seeing it in theaters. Just wait for it to come out and watch it at home, where you have the opportunity to fast forward. I do, however, recommend watching the credits. The best 40 seconds of the movie. It's what is missing from the movie, and makes it seem like the others. I will miss the wolf pack.
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Hangover III - UGH!!

By mr_no_fun_man
Written March 27, 2015
1st Hangover was great. 2nd Hangover wasn't as good. 3rd Hangover...awful. Not funny at all. Thank god there will be no more!! No real surprises. Predictable.
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By pxstyle
Written March 30, 2015
The biggest thing I heard from my friends about this movie was it was better than the 2nd Hangover which is not saying much because nothing beats the first Hangover. I guess what was the biggest difference about this movie was it not about the hangover but the past that catches up from them being hung over. It had its moments but honestly in a summer of awesome movies coming out (2013) I could of waited to see this movie on DVD or so. It just didn't match up to other movies but only in anticipation. dp
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