Good wholesome entertainment

By kida1432
Written March 26, 2017
Sure not great as the previous two but still great!
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Eh, not Bad but Some What Disapointed...

By info1
Written April 25, 2017
The plot here is not bad, at least it ties things up neatly as the conclusion of the trilogy, but really it's just not all that funny... I'm not particularly a PETA type person but the animal cruelty is just not funny, out of place and just makes you kind of uncomfortable and squirmy in your seat and if anything takes you out of the mood to laugh. We just didn't get what was funny about a giraffe beheading and much less so the added cruelty of the young boy in the car watching it happen and getting upset. Honestly the part that made me laugh the most came after the credits, that was more what I was expecting and felt more like Hangover humor... At least its not boring and the plot keeps you interested and entertained.
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By mdmachlin
Written May 28, 2013
As always, the Hangover movies are hilarious! Normally I would have rented this film on dvd, but I was in the mood to see a comedy so we spent the extra money to see it at the theater.
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Third Installment Not a "Hangover" Worth Having...

By JosephSchroeder3781
Written May 28, 2013
Ok, I'll admit it. I ignored last week's critical response and went ahead and bought 7 tickets to this. While this fare has been typically geared toward a male-skewing audience, the previous two films were actually ones we could bring our significant others to as well. The unfortunate part is, no matter who you bring along, this film will disappoint you. Let's get into the rationale as to why you should pass: • There isn't a "hangover" to speak of in the film. The formula for the first two films has been tossed completely out the window, and it's now a watered-down version of a mistaken identity plotline. • The script reserves the best material for Ken Jeong. Don't get me wrong, I like him. Very, very much. But Cooper, Helms, and Galifinakis are utterly wasted through a severe majority of the film. • This has been dubbed "the end" of the franchise (which we can never trust), and yet, the film had no sense of nostalgia or remembrance regarding any of the characters.
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Better than the second film, but still not near as good as the first movie

By TerpsFan72
Written June 01, 2013
I will start by saying I liked this movie, they changed up the formula a bit...but not all that much, lol. I also need to say I liked The Hangover part 2, didn't seem to rub me the wrong way like it did so many people, but then again I like my humor a little on the dark side from time to time. I do have to say that The Hangover 3 comes across on it's initial viewing as a better movie than part 2, but we will see if it holds up well. Part 2 actually has gotten better upon repeated viewings in my opinion and of course part 1 remains an all time great comedy classic. I am happy they are ending the franchise with this movie, it has run it's course and much would just seem like to much of a money grab ala the Die Hard series, the Pirates series or even a series like Fast and Furious. If you're a Hangover fan you need to go see this, if you're not stay away.
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