Hangover Trilogy: A Great Ending

By snoelle
Written February 08, 2016
It was definitely a good ending to a great trilogy! It wasn't as good as the first or the second, but it was good. There were definitely some really funny parts and it kind of wrapped up the other two. The only thing I was really disappointed in was that Stu didn't sing a song in this one!:( It was a gotta see for anyone who loves the hangover movies! Also, don't leave as soon as the credits start, there is a majorly funny seen after that you don't wanna miss!!
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A Sober Hangover Movie??

By abenk610
Written May 26, 2013
Love the actors. Feel like I have grown with them. Was NOT expecting them to be sober (kinda took some of the fun out of it). Good story line-"life lessons" Not as good as the 1st movie but because it's the "last one" you have to see it. AND stay for the stinger...it's the best part.
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Final of a Trilogy

By irelandg74
Written March 05, 2015
Epic fail...I really was looking forward to this movie. Seem Todd Phillips was too busy wrapping up loose ends that he forgot what made this franchise so successful. A few funny parts here and there but seems all the good scenes were in the trailer anyway. Oh well...just like Terminator 3, Godfather 3 and all the other failed trilogies I am a bit skittish. I hope Nolan wraps up Dark Knight better than the rest of them. Peace
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Not bad...

By barryla1
Written May 24, 2013
I enjoyed the movie, but it seems they are running out of material. This one was entertaining, but I did not think it had the humor of the first two. ALSO...there were a few animal scenes that could have been left out. I don't feel these particular scenes added anything to the movie and were a bit disturbing. All in all, I liked it and will buy it when it is released.
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Hangover III

By sunfire100
Written May 23, 2013
It was funny, but lacked excitement. I think the giraffe losing his head was a bit over the top. That kind of thing tends to affend people. Out of all of the Hangover movies, I still liked the first one better. It had more adventure and surprise, and kept me watching it. This one fell a little short, but I would still recommend seeing it.
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