Great sequel!

By JennieNowak
Written May 27, 2011
Wow this one is actually better than the last! I really was not expecting to laugh that hard!! If you havent seen it, you can watch it free [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .còm
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Unfortunate Disappointment

By jathompson06
Written May 28, 2011
Only a few really funny spots in the flick - part of the disappointment had to do with the high expectations but a majority of the disappointment lie in the fact that the movie just recycled the same jokes and situations as the first one - RARELY was there anything original. They also tried too hard with "Alan (Zach G)" to make him weirder. Too many forced situations, save your money for a rental.
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By patinsley
Written May 27, 2011
Part II was just as funny as the first one!!!!! Would see again and again!!!!
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By kick-ass14
Written April 26, 2010
I cant believe this is happing!!! Well the first movie did make a ton of money but the way it ended didnt leave u expecting a sequel. But i loved the hangover in everyway i have nothing bad to say about the movie. When this movie comes out ima be the first one in line to see it!!! every actor that was in the first one will be back in this movie evan doug and he will have a bigger role in this one. Cant wait for this movie to come out!!!
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Cut and Pasted from the First

By prewitt
Written May 28, 2011
It has plenty of laughs, but it is perhaps the most unoriginal sequel since Men in Black 2. Crank up the raunch, lose both the surprise and most of the heart, and you're left with some talented comedians pulling off some pretty funny gags, and that's about it. If you enjoyed the first, the second gives you (literally) more of the same. If you didn't, this one neither rises above the latter nor strays an inch to either side.
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