Something worth thinking about...

By CyndyM
Written November 03, 2011
WOW! What a Freakin' AMAZING MOVIE! I thought it would be a 'B' rate movie, based on the fact that I had already watched 'Versa Effect' and 'Gerald'. 'The Hammer' surpassed those movies! I recommend this movie for: Deaf Community, ASL Students, Interpreters, CODAs, PODCs, and anyone interested in Deaf Culture... I went to watch the ASL Film: 'The Hammer' Nov. 2, 2011; in Tomball, TX. Since the whole movie is in Open Captions, you do not have to know ASL to understand the movie! My favorite part is where Matt and Kristi are at the reservoir talking about the water... And everything that has been transpiring in my own life came to mind... Am I following my natural course? or Am I forcing myself, to do what I WANT to do? Something worth thinking about... Thank you to Mark Woods for making a phenomenal film. Thank you to Russell Harvard for doing a good portrayal of Matt Hamill. Double Thanks for Matt Hamill, himself, for giving the thumbs up for the movie to be made.
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must see

By jujennum
Written October 29, 2011
Saw it yesterday in hollywood and loved it. Heartfelt and based on a true story.. has all the great elements of the great sports dramas, (rocky, hoosiers), was really funny as well. really well done!
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An important and educational film!

By dgeiger82
Written November 04, 2011
I took two hours train to see this movie in New York City. I felt that this movie is very powerful to tell a story about deaf culture and wrestler who was deaf from birth. This movie can show what it is like being deaf and hard of hearing person. I wish movie chains can run more show times and theaters. I suggested my friends who are not deaf to go see that movie but they said there is no show times in their local movie theaters. Switched at Birth is television programming that has many great examples of deaf culture. I definitely recommended everybody to go see this movie. Matt Hamill is a perfect role model for deaf community. Deaf doesn't mean we cannot do anything like wrestling, playing sports and getting a job.
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The Hammer

By tamieterp
Written October 27, 2011
I know the real Matt Hamill and I wanted this movie to be good. I was Blown Away by this film!!! I laughed out loud, I cried, I wriggled in my seat and I left with a huge smile on my face! When it was over I gave a signature Matt " whooooooo!" I LOVED this movie and I will bring my friends and family to see it again this weekend! Great job by all the actors and very realistic portrayal! Smile :)
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