The Hammer (2008) Synopsis
A 40-year-old underachiever (Adam Carolla) trains for a spot on the U.S. Olympic boxing team.
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A memorable experience for one and all.

By Chobeo
I mostly went and saw this as a fan of Adam's radio show. I fully expected to have heard most of the jokes and only be mildly amused by everything else. I'm a cranky viewer by nature. I was...

breakin the law

By boarder71
So we were going to sneak into a second movie on Saturday, so we had to kill a half hour and the pimple faced ticket taker was given us the stink eye. So we walked into a theater, did not know what...

Suprisingly funny throughout for Everyone.

By cytocriptic1
I had my doubts about this movie last week when it was released, but I gave it a chance and was blown away. Adam Carolla hit the nail on the head with this boxing/romantic comedy film. Not only is...

A surprisingly good movie

By edhones
I went into this movie thinking it was going to be a low budget mediocre comedy let down. I was pleasently surprised at how funny and well put together this movie was. You would never guess it was...

The Hammer

By hammer_fan
This is such a great movie. You leave the theater feeling happy, and complete. I am usually a tough crowd to please, and don't laugh out loud while watching many movies, but this one was absolutely...

Go see it, so others can

By astrelin
In a time where the comedies in the box office are either slapstick and silly or shocking and nasty, we are desperate for something the least bit laughable, fun, and maybe a little smart. Adam...

The Ace Man Does it Again

By hellomac1
A great fun movie. It was hilarious, romantic, and thrilling. The comedy was spot on, the romantic stuff wasn't over doing it, and the boxing scenes were very well done, even for a smaller movie. All...

Funny S You gotta see this!

By MsEmily
This was one of the funniest, f'n movies I have seen in a long time. I didn't think the Ace Man had it in him to make a movie that can make you laugh continuously throughout the entire movie. My face...

Excellent, Well-Rounded Movie

By CUBaseball26
The Hammer is a great movie for any age. Funny compelling and entertaining from start to excellent ending. Carolla creates a very likeable, everyman character who has with great chemistry with the...

Good little flick

By lfmb
If you have even a passing interest in Adam Carolla or in boxing, you will enjoy this film. I'm a fan of both, and it was a sweet little flick perfect for a Sunday afternoon out with my favorite guy....

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Rated R | For brief language
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Common Sense Media says A boxing comedy with a potty mouth and warm heart.
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