A memorable experience for one and all.

By Chobeo
Written March 25, 2008
I mostly went and saw this as a fan of Adam's radio show. I fully expected to have heard most of the jokes and only be mildly amused by everything else. I'm a cranky viewer by nature. I was surprised at just how entertained I was and how much I loved the ending. It's not often that I'll tell people to see a film, but this is one everyone should see. It's not at all preachy but has a real moral lesson. This is nothing like The Man Show, it's what Rocky should have been.
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breakin the law

By boarder71
Written March 28, 2008
So we were going to sneak into a second movie on Saturday, so we had to kill a half hour and the pimple faced ticket taker was given us the stink eye. So we walked into a theater, did not know what it was just sat down and were going to leave in a half hour, but then the movie started. I do not think it even pop into my mind we were going to try and see something else ten minutes into this film. I have seen Adam Carolla on the man show, but I had know idea he was doing movies now. This movie was hilarious, my wife loved it and our ******* son loved it. I never heard of this movie. I thought afterward we snuck into some kind of sneak pre-view, because how can a movie this funny get No advertising? Go see this film to be pleasantly surprised about film, because I can not remember the last time I saw a film that did not telegraph the plot and the boiler plat ending before the film even started.
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Suprisingly funny throughout for Everyone.

By cytocriptic1
Written March 27, 2008
I had my doubts about this movie last week when it was released, but I gave it a chance and was blown away. Adam Carolla hit the nail on the head with this boxing/romantic comedy film. Not only is it hilarious from beginning to end, but it appeals to everyone, regardless of age, gender, & race. I was so impressed with it that I took my Uncle & his girlfriend to a showing the next day and they LOVED it. They must have thanked me 20 times for taking them. They even convinced my grandpa to go see it and HE Loved it. This is very different from the type of movie I'd usually go out to see, & I'm not a huge Adam Carolla fan, but I must say that this is a small gem in a business full of processed crap. If you're up for an indie type film with a funny, heart-felt story that will leave you feeling oddly optimistic, The Hammer comes highly recommended.
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A surprisingly good movie

By edhones
Written March 29, 2008
I went into this movie thinking it was going to be a low budget mediocre comedy let down. I was pleasently surprised at how funny and well put together this movie was. You would never guess it was made on a budget of only 1 million dollars. Adam Carolla plays a surprisingly good leading man. All in all this movie is a solid classic. If it doesnt make mass release in theatres I guarantee it will become a colt classic. You dont need to be an Adam Carolla fan to love this movie. I would highly recomend this movie to anyone that wants to see a good comedy.
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The Hammer

By hammer_fan
Written April 14, 2008
This is such a great movie. You leave the theater feeling happy, and complete. I am usually a tough crowd to please, and don't laugh out loud while watching many movies, but this one was absolutely hilarious. My husband was unsure about it, and didn't know what to expect, and he laughed throughout the whole movie. I highly recommend this movie if you are looking for a laugh, and want to feel good after watching it, instead of depressed, or upset that you wasted $10.
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