Seth Rogen is no Woody Allen...

By President113
Written December 22, 2012
but this movie wasn't bad. There were some really funny parts, and Barbara Streisand was perfectly cast as an overbearing Jewish mother. I just wish Seth Rogen was funnier? The movie felt so contrived and predictable, but at least it was sweet and delivered on good natured.
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For Us Older Folk

By Movie Ina
Written January 01, 2013
Loved this movie and laughed most of the time! You'll only like this if you have grown children, especially boys! Barbara Streisand was wonderful, and she and Seth make a terrific pair.
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Lots Of Fun...

By Dennis in Oregon
Written December 30, 2012
I was pleased to see an almost filled theatre with a wide range of ages enjoying this funny, touching movie... Barbra and Seth were very good together. I would not mind seeing them together again...
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Perfect Take Me Away!! Loved every minute of it!

By AtlantaGal777
Written December 23, 2012
Very touching and very funny. I went with little expectations and found it to be perfectly hilarious! Barbara Streisand was awesome in it! Unbelevably so! Seth Rogen was great as well. I'm sure to pull of few of his scenes was suprisingly hard to do. .. All around I loved it and I actually want to see it again!! And I cannot remember when I have ever said that before (15 years ago maybe?)
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Good-ish story line, horrible acting

By tylerbrown97
Written December 30, 2012
The entire time I was watching the movie I was hoping to watch something better than the trailer I saw earlier that day. I was very disappointed with the acting and production of this movie, It could have been a fantastic movie, but I was honestly bored watching it.
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