The Guilt Trip

By tomsharon20
Written December 29, 2012
Bring a pillow, you'll thank me for this advice ten minutes after the movie starts. Barbara Streisand's character is very annoying, this movie would be more enjoyable if it was a silent film. A slow moving picture, if you must see, wait for the DVD.
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By gotarheels
Written December 26, 2012
I went and saw this movie with my mom and it was a great movie to see together on Christmas! This movie is hilarious and full of meaning. This is a must see movie!!!!
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funny ... no, it really was funny.

By NWCL123
Written March 04, 2015
Okay, I know that the situations have all been done before, but this was very homey and brought you the humor that doesn't get 13 year old boys or 22 year old boys laughing. But, it made me laugh. It was filmed in the Steve Carroll vein of awkwardness and real life feelings. You cant help but laugh. Seth Rogan isn' "actor of the year" but this helped prove that he has made it. Go see it and enjoy it. Relax and laugh.
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I Relate

By sunnyfader
Written January 25, 2015
After a slow start the movie takes off... triggering smiles and outright laughter. Excellent script, great performances. But as a mother of two grown single sons who live far away, I must admit that much of the joy of this movie for me was that I "related" so much to the story. My daughter easily communicates her love for me, but over the years it as been different with my unmarried sons. This movie is a wry take on the complex communication problems between mothers and sons. While it is fun for everyone, it resonates particularly for single mothers who have reared an independent, loving, but sometimes confounding son. My advice to anyone interested in "grown-up" movies that touch your heart and your funny bone: Don't miss "The Guilt Trip."
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Babs makes the trip

By corbisayler
Written January 26, 2015
B.S. has not lost a beat. She brings her best, but it's not really enough to carry this slow drive. It has some sweet moments, but most of it is just too realistic to be entertainment. Dudes & kids will hate it. I with with my 74 yr. old mother and 65 yr. old friend and they found it 'ok'. I think I was the youngest chick in the audience and I'm 51.
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