Guilt Trip

By RocknGrandma
Written December 27, 2012
The movie had it's moments, but could have been better. It did have humor, but not "gut laughing funny" that we were looking for. We didn't think it was worth the cost of a movie ticket, for the theater, but worthy watching on Nexflix. We liked Parental Guidance far better.....and it was worth seeing on the big screen.
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The Guilt Trip

By glomihsol
Written January 01, 2013
Delightful! Entertaining! At times predictable, but a few little surprises along the way. Most adults could probably relate to the characters on some level. The actors were extremely well cast. Even though there is no nudity, sex, or really offensive language, I doubt that this film would hold as much interest for children. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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I Feel Guilty

By joelegal
Written December 21, 2012
This movie was a "guilt trip" to me as well. It is so boooooooring! Those that claim the movie is funny are probably the type that laughs at funerals. I should have realized something was wrong when my wife and children did not want to see it and I was sitting in the theatre with just one elderly couple. One of the two began to snore within 20 minutes of the picture starting. Watching the grass grow would have been time better spent. At least I would not feel so guilty for spending $12. However, I'm grateful that my family decided to skip it and save me an additional $60 (with concessions). Skip this one. No doubt it will be on DVD very soon and you will be able to get it for free at the library. Even then it will not be worth your time.
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By lisettepd
Written July 28, 2013
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Funny at times, very funny

By filmdocny
Written December 24, 2012
The characters personalities and quirks were awesome. I could really identify with them and recognize them as people that I know in my life. The story was weak. Semi-predictable. It's a movie for those who want to chill out and enjoy a good time. Thee is no cinematic or artistic scenes in this movie. I should have rented it.
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