for moms

By larcd8835
Written August 01, 2014
went to see the movie with a group of friends, all moms of sons, movie theatre had mostly women of our age there. we all laughed and clapped, one of the best movies we've seen. but it's for a specific audience. you'll "get it" if you're a mom of a son or a son, not really a movie for everybody.
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The Guilt TripO

By jc75644
Written December 21, 2012
Film okay. I really didn't like the combination of actors, both of them made me somewhat uncomfortable. I think Seth is a little too unpolished to have "a masters degree in chemistry" and not very refined to be the son of someone represented by B. Streisand. Eventually it seemed like the film dragged--I wished it would end; I was tired of a replay of the same events in different settings. Recommend: Barbra Streisand was better in "The Fockers"; save her talent for a much better, more believeable movie.
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By lstevens3466
Written July 25, 2014
Cute movie but nothing new here. Both Streisand and Rogen play typical roles as over-involved mother and out of touch son. They both have their ah-ha moment and the movie has a sweet ending. I would wait to see this one on your TV :)
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Streisand Comedy Redux

By Brillmeister
Written January 05, 2013
Very under-rated comedic actress, and with Seth Rogen as the much-browbeaten only son, Streisand shines. Quite funny, with some squirmy mother-son revelatory moments that made a man of fifty-plus blush with embarrassment.
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Cute But a Little Slow

By lambournes
Written December 26, 2012
The funny parts on mostly on the trailers. A good Older son -Mother relationship. Both Finding each other. It was just OK for me. I guess the trailers spoiled it a little for me. Expected a little more.
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