The Guilt TripO

By jc75644
Written September 26, 2016
Film okay. I really didn't like the combination of actors, both of them made me somewhat uncomfortable. I think Seth is a little too unpolished to have "a masters degree in chemistry" and not very refined to be the son of someone represented by B. Streisand. Eventually it seemed like the film dragged--I wished it would end; I was tired of a replay of the same events in different settings. Recommend: Barbra Streisand was better in "The Fockers"; save her talent for a much better, more believeable movie.
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Better Than You Think

By united9198
Written June 01, 2016
This is a sweet and funny movie that will warm you up. Seth Rogan fans will recognize and like his grown up character and the chemistry with Barbra Streisand seems genuine and well done. The plot is somewhat familiar because this is a road trip, but there are some twists that make this a more grown up version. There are laughs and some tears, but overall I rate this as a comedy well-done. I enjoyed it a lot and the audience seemed to agree as there were many laughs heard throughout the theater. Lots of movies out at this time of year, but this one will really fit the season.
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Definate Must Go

By MoviemakersMom
Written August 28, 2016
Showing my Mom roots--loved this movie and the Mom and son connection. Could feel her pain, her pride and all her love. Felt hope that if the going gets tough my sons would rise to the occasion as hers did. Go see it with your older or adult kids--no harm in dropping a hint. LOL
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good flick

By friday996
Written August 25, 2016
I went in with an open mind because I know seth rogen. the barbra straisand lady I have never seen in a comedy flick. it was good overall, it made me laugh, my girlfriend wasn't able to be there with me but i still enjoy the movie and went home satisfied
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Perfect Take Me Away!! Loved every minute of it!

By AtlantaGal777
Written January 17, 2017
Very touching and very funny. I went with little expectations and found it to be perfectly hilarious! Barbara Streisand was awesome in it! Unbelevably so! Seth Rogen was great as well. I'm sure to pull of few of his scenes was suprisingly hard to do. .. All around I loved it and I actually want to see it again!! And I cannot remember when I have ever said that before (15 years ago maybe?)
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