The Guilt Trip Synopsis
An inventor and his mom hit the road together so he can sell his latest invention.
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Guilt Trip

By mikemasterson10
Not only does Barbara Streisand somehow manage to look like she's still 50 in this film, but she's actually funny, annoying and touching at pretty much the same time. The casting for this film (which...

A sweet movie

By BBelle
I knew it wasn't going to be a serious drama (certainly not with Seth Rogen sharing top billing), but it was enjoyable. Babs was funny and neurotic and a nudge, but lovable nonetheless. Go in...

It's not for everybody...

By JanGonza
I rated this movie a "MUST GO" because I loved it and enjoyed myself very much but I can see how not everyone would feel this way. The whole movie is just Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand going back...

Very funny and touching

By suemarie
I think that most people can relate to this movie in some way. A mother and son on a trip can be funny, but this is more than a comedy. Without his mothers knowledge Andy plans on taking his mother...

An odd crowd...

By niferjen33
Guilt Trip was an overall slow tempo-ed movie with a mash up between two generations of movie goers, the 20-30 year olds who are drawn in by Seth Rogen and the 40-60 year old Barbara Streisand fans. ...

Waste of time

By riverbabe51
I went in thinking this movie would be funny and well written. I was wrong. I was sitting in the theater hoping the movie would just end already....

Heartwarming fun movie

By 4nicholas
I was skeptical about this movie because of some of the reviews that I read, but my son (15) and I really liked it. It was funny, heart warming and just a fun movie. It's not going to win any...

Sadly Difficult To Watch.

By Al P
To watch this is to feel pain for these ENORMOUSLY talented actors on the screen. Any problem here is definitely NOT their fault. In fact, they actually brought value to an otherwise amateurish...

Laugh out loud funny, heartwarming and relatable

By christinavernon
I didnt have high expectations going in- but came out impressed! Great casting, Barbara and Seth are believable as mother-son, and great plot twists along the way. I took my parents and we all loved...

Save your money and your time

By zestril44
From the previews, this looked like it was going to be a smash comedy. My wife and I waited for 6 weeks from the time we saw the previews. About 3/4 of the way through it, she was sleeping, as I...

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Rated PG-13 | For Language and some risque material
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Common Sense Media says Stereotypical mother-son comedy is predictably corny.
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