Good but could have been better.

By Chris2fur
Written January 19, 2007
The bad parts up front: I took my teenage daughters to this movie and was dissapointed in the relationship portrayed between the cadet and local girl. She seemed to have high standards but it was all talk. The sex was way too early in the relationship and way to "casual." The parts of the movie that focused on the Coast Guard were very impressive. One can't help but be in awe of the bravery of the Coast Guard swim rescuers. The physical and psychological aspects of the training were portrayed very well. The two main characters were both very well acted and believeable. Supporting actors were also very good. I'm glad I went, but wish the editors had left a bit more on the cutting room floor.
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By ecupirate
Written February 05, 2007
If you like military related things - then this is a must see. This movie was very accurate in painting the picture of Coast Guard bootcamp. This movie can be viewed by the enite family - and would make a nice addition to your home movie collection.
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By panther96
Written April 03, 2007
An overall great movie! Great story, good humor, and lots of action!
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I love this movie

By wasbks1
Written November 17, 2006
This was a great movie, I would see it again on the big screen!
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By ouchburn
Written November 17, 2006

I come from a family of military men and this is one of the better showings of life in the service. Sure there are things that were left out or downplayed, but most people couldn't handle what really happens.

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