The Guard

By tomrsimon
Written September 03, 2014
Unusual movie; reminded me a bit of Fargo in its quirky humor. It's not laugh out loud funny but is witty and amusing. Be aware that the f-bomb is used repeatedly throughout.
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Subtly Offensive

By curlyfro
Written January 13, 2012
this movie started good but then i can see how the writers thought i'd be funny to put a black man in ireland -- an fbi agent who's continually out smarted, wears loud clothes, and get made fun of by the locals. subtly offensive. i could only get though a 1/3 of this movie.
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The Guard

By Drez_Digital
Written August 28, 2014
had that similar humour of in bruges with some joke one liners
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By Koali
Written April 28, 2012
So very funny. Laugh funny. Funnier than the ones that try real hard to be funny. Finally, someone turned in a funny movie for adults. Wouldn'what's at hand.t you know it would be Don Cheadle and an Irishman. Quiet small ocean shore town and it's sheriff/cop gets to use his staff and know how to gain upon a diabolical intl'l drug smuggling ring pulled up to port. Real life sadness and almost like having a conversation with someone who likes to talk about things - throwing down the PC barriers. Don't recommend it for kids at all or even some teens - gives permission for stuff they don't need to do. Swearing, sex romps, excess drinking, racial offenses w/out knowing what you're saying. Human nature connections and scenarios that require understanding to get the full movie. Made me laugh alot.
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The Guard

By kbrackett100
Written July 25, 2014
Clever, funny, a little hard to understand all the time what was going on. In the same vein as In Bruges (if you liked In Bruges, you will like this movie).
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