The Grudge 2 Synopsis
A young woman encounters a terrible curse while searching for her missing sister in Tokyo.
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Don't ever watch this movie ever

By chesirecat
This movie actually got me mad it was so bad if i would have paid for that in the theaters i would never see another movie in the theaters again...

trichophobia 2

By astimegoesby
only go if someone else is paying. and even then, you are wasting your time because this movie doesn't make much sense. not complete crap because the movie LOOKS good. too bad it isn't....

The grudge sucked

By blondes-like-movies
I really do not get why people think that this movie was good. I thought it was so...stupid and everything. It wasn't scary or anything!!!...


By Passageiro
Pouco a ver com o primeiro, peca na falta de coerência dos fatos. A "vingança" ocorre com qualquer um, em qualquer lugar, com pouco ou nenhum vínculo entre os fatos. Eu entendí a moral da história, e...

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By husmeg
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It was scary!!!! BUT ok!!

By mly_17
Wasn't Sarah M.G our main person? Then it was her sister who was our main person, and then she wasn't either!! I know there's gonna be a third one coming out because it cannot end like...

LOVE IT!!!<3333

By nikkiw56241
I loved this movie. If you love scary movies, the Grudge 2 is for you! THIS WAS AWESOME!...

that movie scared the crap out of me

By cameronpm6809
Don't watch it alone...

Now I have a grudge

By meliksing
Against the person who made this movie. You can tell each movie was meant to lead up to the next, and now I'm mad!! Because now I know I'm gonna have to go through a 3rd possible 2 hr movie trying to...

The Grudge 2

By bdog15
Yea the movie was stupid but it was way better than the 1st one...

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Rated PG-13 | For mature thematic material, disturbing images/terror/violence, and some sensuality
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Again with the grumpy ghosts. Too scary for kids.
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