Story not action

By freakazoid_102
Written January 31, 2012
For those hoping to see a major action-intense movie, you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you enjoy a good storyline which requires more brainpower than just counting explosions, then you will enjoy this movie. There are many deeper levels to this movie than just about any movie that has come out in the last couple years. Many people have complained about the language, and while there is A LOT of profanity, it is not an unbelievable amount when taken into account that in the first 2 minutes they explain the colored backgrounds of the people who will be in this movie. The religious viewers who have posted negative reviews can't seem to get past the idea there may be people out there who haven't come to God or have had experiences keeping them from finding Him and have allowed their personal beliefs from seeing the intense struggles these men go through. Ultimately, the movie was wonderfully made, and even the slow points are EXTREMELY important. Some GREAT jump scenes, too.
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STAYpast the more quick scene

By michelledavis
Written February 04, 2012
For me,I could have waited to watch this on video.Kind of an odd movie. Love Liam, so I went..but not a typical Liam movie. Staying past the credits helps the ending.
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I liked it

By meccassault
Written February 06, 2012
The movie is good throughout. Action, suspense along with some character depth. It is a bit bleak themed from start to end though, don't expect and sunshine or rainbows at any point. I'm fine with it really, I expected this much. It has a mixed vibe of movies "The Edge" meets "Alive" to a degree. A lot of people have complained about the ending. It's not really what you hope for after everything the characters go through, but to me, it was at least very realistic. This was very well acted and I will see it again sometime for sure.
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By Hutsey
Written February 02, 2012
This movie was amazing. There is no other word to describe it. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The crash was unreal. I felt like I was in it with them. They did such an great job editing and the CG on this that I would be surprised if it doesn't get some awards. Liam of course was great. But when is he not? Well maybe he wasn't so good in High Spirits. Really bad ghost flick from 1988 but we'll forget about that cause we love him. Anyways this film was great. It really makes u ask yourself the question." What would I do?". ALOT! Through the whole thing I kept thinking what would I do? Could I do it? For the folks who rated this so poorly I have to ask. Did we see the same movie? or were u playing angry birds during it cause I was mesmerized through the whole thing but whatever to each is own. I also wouldn't recommend this for kids under 12. It's just to intense. By the way stay till after the credits or u will miss the real ending!
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The Grey Piece of C*ap

By mbdog1
Written February 04, 2012
Pointless. An utter waste of time. After watching every single person in this movie get eaten by ridiculous CG wolves, who could have possibly thought it would end on a positive note? Shocker: It doesn't. If it had, I'd give it zero stars. Suspenseful? Yes. Make you pray you never end up in similar circumstances? Yes. Hoerible dialogue and next to no character development. An absolute waste of 2 hours of my life.
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