Most intense movie of my life

By jaredrhodenizer
Written January 28, 2012
The story is incredible, and I have yet to see a movie that made me feel more like I was actually in the film. This movie is not for the faint of hearts. If you have a problem with watching people die, then by all means, do not see this movie. I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time. You never know what is about to happen.
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This is a must see event!!

By onedirection4eva
Written July 26, 2012
I love this movie! It is sad but very excellent! The story is so full of action until um the last 5 min of the movie the ending sucks . It should show Liam neson kick that wolfs a** ! 9/10 stars and a must see Liam neson is at his best!
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The Scotts Hit Again With Yet Another Thrilling Film.

By Al P
Written February 01, 2012
Tony and Ridley Scott, like Spielberg and Lucas, have brought us some amazing films through the years and this one's no exception. A mix of several compositions we've seen before, embellished as only they can, this is one excitement filled thrillride. From the action sequences which are trademark Scott, to the performances led by A-list Neeson, it doesn't get much better than this. An action film, thrilling from end-to-end, if you're not the squeamish type, this one you're going to love. Not recommended for kids or those unable to process minimal gore and violence, otherwise it's a solid movie, well worth your time and high ticket cost. See it. You won't be disappointed..
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The Grey - Different, Not Better

By Beckmeister
Written March 20, 2012
I am a big Liam Neeson fan and his acting didn't let me down, but he should have chosen another story.The movie pulls you in and you can almost feel how cold the weather is with great effects. I'll just say that the ending is a surprise, completely improbable, and a real let down that even Liam's acting cannot pull off. It was the kind of ending that makes you feel you just wasted a couple hours you will never get back. Up until the end it was a great movie.
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The Grey

By PattonRice
Written January 30, 2012
Excellent performance from Liam Neeson, but the script left me wanting more in the way of of mans ability to reconcile with his creator. While this was at times an Interesting portrayal of human struggle, it was ultimately unsatisfying.
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