Didn't like it, pointless

By autumnrains67
Written January 27, 2012
I adore Liam Neeson, the acting is good, scenes are beautiful and I jumped at a couple of the wolf scenes. However, the movie seemed pointless. We walked out after wishing we hadn't seen it. I wouldn't advise this for kids . . . not sure who I would recommend it for.
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Extremely great film but not a standard Liam Neeson flick

By NeimanJ
Written January 27, 2012
Everything about this movie was great, but if you're expecting a film along the lines of Taken or Unknown you'll be rather disappointed. Neeson doesn't play the near super-human hero in The Grey, but rather a damaged and severely flawed man who tries to step up to save his fellow crash survivors despite his own issues. The ending fits the movie but left a lot of audience members in my showing upset because they wanted a climactic fight scene rather than the emotional payoff and cap to Neeson's character arc presented.
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very good

By wlake11
Written January 28, 2012
The trailer makes this seem more action packed then it is so for that it somewhat disappointed me because i was hoping for taken with wolves pretty much. But its a man vs nature survival movie and its very good at it. Although i dont like the way wolves are portrayed in the movie liam says in the movie that their probably on the wolves land and they are threatened by humans so that can somewhat make a wolf attack(not very likely though). Anyway the airplane crash probably the best in any movie. It shows how people bond together in trouble times and try to help and care for each other because everyone there is convicts. It all around was a very good movie and stay after the credits theres a scene hope this helped anyone
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The Grey

By prscordato
Written January 30, 2012
This film was so much more than I was expecting; however, I fear I'm getting too old to "enjoy" a film as gripping and realistic as The Grey. When I stood up to exit the theatre my hands and legs were trembling.. Casting Liam Neeson as the Alpha male was brilliant. I never doubted his leadership, emotional and physical suffering, or his strength. A horror/psycho-thriller/nature movie masterpiece.
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Wolf Turd

By Steve111111
Written January 28, 2012
Bad story line, bad directing, bad special effects (the wolves look fake and their restless pursuit of these guys is not realistic); so so acting (really not too much dialog), and stupid ending are not a good combo for this movie. Neeson's character (the hero) makes a series of senseless mistakes. I am sure it will make millions because of Neeson (and a low budget) but I suggest you save your money wait for this to hit cable, where it will be soon. On the up side the scenery in British Columbia was nice and at times Neeson is good. In short, I wish I would have spent my time and money on another movie.
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