The Grey Synopsis
Liam Neeson leads an unruly group of oil-rig roughnecks when their plane crashes into the remote Alaskan wilderness.
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Didn't like it, pointless

By autumnrains67
I adore Liam Neeson, the acting is good, scenes are beautiful and I jumped at a couple of the wolf scenes. However, the movie seemed pointless. We walked out after wishing we hadn't seen it. I...

Extremely great film but not a standard Liam Neeson flick

By NeimanJ
Everything about this movie was great, but if you're expecting a film along the lines of Taken or Unknown you'll be rather disappointed. Neeson doesn't play the near super-human hero in The Grey, but...

very good

By wlake11
The trailer makes this seem more action packed then it is so for that it somewhat disappointed me because i was hoping for taken with wolves pretty much. But its a man vs nature survival movie and...

The Grey

By prscordato
This film was so much more than I was expecting; however, I fear I'm getting too old to "enjoy" a film as gripping and realistic as The Grey. When I stood up to exit the theatre my hands and legs...

Wolf Turd

By Steve111111
Bad story line, bad directing, bad special effects (the wolves look fake and their restless pursuit of these guys is not realistic); so so acting (really not too much dialog), and stupid ending are...

The Grey

By dmcurtis
I was anxious to see this movie, but was terribly disappointed by its content. FThe ending was pathetic. I am anxious to hear other comments on this movie. I would not recommend it to any audience....

The Grey hits every emotion possible

By JerseyJeff84
I saw The Grey last night and it has honestly been YEARS since I have seen a movie that has made me laugh, cry, sit on the edge of my seat, start to turn away from gore, feel adrenaline run through...

The Grey

By Tomscottm
Just lousy. Liiam was very good,as always, casting good, story line wretched and unsatisfying. The message did not equal the tedium of the journey. A one trick pony for 2 hours plus....

The Thinking Man's Action Hero

By tcgeorge
After reading so many of the reviews, my only guess is that this movie requires more brain-power than the average movie-goer cares to spare. This is more than just a story of a plane crash and...

Great acting...great writing......

By bullit98
It's rare that I go to a movie that doesn't have absolute action (explosions, mountains of bullets, carnage, big body count)......or the best in science fiction and vampire flicks....but this...

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Rated R | For bloody images, violence/disturbing content including bloody images, and for pervasive language
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Common Sense Media says Bloody wilderness survival story has lots of violence.
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