The Green Inferno Synopsis
Student activists crash in the Amazon jungle and are taken captive by a tribe of cannibals.
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New York Magazine (Vulture)

By David Edelstein
Unlike the '70s Italian cannibal movies, The Green Inferno doesn’t have a mondo vibe. It’s artfully made and acted with skill.
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The Guardian

The Green Inferno will be gleefully offensive and unpalatable to mainstream audiences, who may be more similar to The Green Inferno’s...
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The Playlist

By Cory Everett
In many ways the film feels like a regression -- it's more juvenile, less polished and feels less labored over than his previous efforts.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Deborah Young
Izzo, who co-starred with Roth-the-actor in Aftershock, is a fine genre actress, standing out from a cast of blonde women with her...
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San Francisco Chronicle

The blood-soaked “Inferno” practically ends up a promotional snuff film for deforestation.
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Slant Magazine

By Ed Gonzalez
The savagery here is rooted in retrograde myths that might have been easier to stomach had the cannibalism been positioned as a fantastical...
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The New York Times

By Neil Genzlinger
The film reawakens long-repudiated notions of white supremacy and such, but Mr. Roth is surely not trying to peddle them. He’s merely...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Chris Nashawaty
The Green Inferno is less a riff on spaghetti splatter flicks like Cannibal Holocaust than a desperate-to-shock pastiche of guts and gore...
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By Eric Kohn
Unfortunately, the unbridled shock value isn't matched by a similar investment in other ingredients that might have made this low rent...
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Village Voice

By Michael Nordine
Roth amplifies that exploitation flick's least interesting components (gore, cruelty) at the expense of all others.
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Too much gore takes away from the real movie

By Crystllee
Had some shock value but the story line was weak... Character development would have been nice so that as a movie goer you might have cared what happened to whom. There is a small bit once the...

Horror comedy- false advertising

By Contactelizabethanne
The trailer led us to believe the movie would have a spooky, gory chill but what ended up happening was more along the lines of a horror comedy. I died laughing a few times because it was so cheesy....

Eli Roth flesh eating masterpiece!

By LegendsAutograph
Eli Roth has created a flesh eating masterpiece. Lorenza and the amazon are beautiful in this thrilling Horror crash instant classic. I give it 5 body parts out of 5! It's a bloody great time!...

eye opener.

By anarc721
if you understand the negative effects of agriculture, for feed farms, you'll enjoy it....

liked cabin in the woods? then go see this

By Mariapags119
its got that twisted humor with intense gore. it may not have famous faces but it is definitely worth going to go see....

Terribel Movie

By christinac738
Don't waste your time. The movie was not scary at all and every scene was predictable...

Brings the Gore and the laughs...

By prouddad0828
Two things you need to know going into this movie. It has moments of extreme gore and graphic violence, and it has some humor in the midst of very dark moments. I personally love dark humor and find...

Love Eli Roth's movies.

By tjaden1000
The Green Inferno was an OK movie. Eli Roth delivered the gore(wouldn't expect anything less) but the movie's story seemed vague. The death scenes could have been better with additional focus on the...

Scary as ***&^

By aalexis90

True Horror

By Kenmi22
Real horror without special fake effects...

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Rated R | For Torture, Language, Aberrant Violence, Grisly & Disturbing Images, Brief Graphic Nudity and Sexual Content
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