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Written January 17, 2011
HANDS DOWN THE ABSOLUTE WORST SCRIPT OF ANY MOVIE I'VE SEEN IN MANY YEARS. The writers would have done themselves a really big favor if they had listened to the Green Hornet radio program, The acting was almost as bad as the script. NOT WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION.
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loves it!!!

By channarystar
Written January 14, 2011
I loved this movie although I thought that giving it a pg13 rating was odd just bc there is a lot of fowl language and ppl get killed hard. The acting was good, lots of laughs!! I saw it as a date movie and I enjoyed it! Best movie I've seen this week!!! So go take a date, your brother and ur sister, only if they are like 15+
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Catch this one on Netflix

By co-moviebuff-gatlin
Written January 14, 2011
This movie had some funny scenes in the beginning. The action scenes were decent, Jay Chou was excellent but there just wasn't enough story for me. When Seth Rogen co-rote this movie, why did he stray so far from the story that made the original Green Hornet great? The original Green Hornet wasn't a comedy so why did this have to be? Seth Rogen has some great movies under his belt and is best known for being funny in his movies. But I don't think he should have gone that route with this movie. For a super hero, Britt Reid is no more than a laughable, clumsy idiot. He is no more than Kato's sidekick. All in all a horrendous adaptation of a once great TV show.
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Even better than the previews

By AMC360
Written October 05, 2015
Totally awesome!! Fantastically action-packed. Fantastically hilarious. The best 3D I've seen yet. The entire movie was in 3D, not just a couple of scenes like most movies. I finally felt like I got my money's worth. I went to see this movie because I love Seth Rogen and anything superhero, but what a surprise Jay Chou is the man. Somebody get me a Jay Chou record. Some people in the theater had young children with them. This movie is really not for young kids.
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The Green Hornet is TERRIBLE.

By Superdelightful
Written January 14, 2011
The Green Hornet needs to have less of pothead Seth Rogen. Unfortunately, the only kind of 'less' that would've helped this film is reducing Rogen's role to the point of replacing him entirely with just about anyone: my dead grandmother, my high school civics teacher who wore a handlebar moustache, the guy who stocks the 'The Claw' plush game at my local Walmart; ANYONE would have done a better job than this tool. Dull, stupid, lifeless, idiotic, Rogen is an actor with an emotional depth so shallow that walking through it wouldn't moisten the soles of your sneakers. Rogen is going to kill this film like Sofia Coppola killed 'Godfather III'. I want my $17.50 back.
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