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Fun and hilarious!

By tanguero
Written December 17, 2010
I saw a prescreening last night and found the movie highly entertaining. It was action packed and full of laughs. I'm not familiar with the original TV series, but I don't think it matters Seth Rogen and Jay Chou makes the story in the movie work on its own. Its just plain fun!
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By inspokane
Written January 15, 2011
I felt ripped off. My Mom just loves3D movies and I decided to be a good son and take her to one. We griped about it for 45 minutes afterwards and I have never in my life wanted to just walk out of a movie but this was just annoying. Nothing there. No wit. No smart slap stick. Just men acting like 5 year olds and kussing like 5 year olds. I think this movie was created for all those kids who were passed through all the grades for the last 30 yrs and they are the ones making the movies now and watching them.....BAD BAD BAD movie. Oh yea the 3D was hardly noticable most of the movie. At least I thought I would have that to fall back on.
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Green Hornet,3D, WHAT?

By rate this movie
Written January 21, 2011
Watching Green Hornet was somewhat excruciating, especially in 3D. The acting, well, let me tell you, was really bad, it was just like watching amateurs. If you like watching some rich idiot, trying to be a hero, well this movies for you. As for the 3D, it wasn't worth the money, it had only one scene that stood out, so go, watch the movie, if you like brainless fun.
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Awesome Movie!

By daleandkyna
Written January 15, 2011
This movie was so much better than I was expecting! It had lots of action and I loved Seth Rogen, but Kato was amazing! He really stole the show. I had heard many say they didn't want Seth to play the Green Hornet, but I think he was perfect for the role. Because of the language, I would recommend for 12 and up, but kids will love it!
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BAD BAD BAD - Read the Kevin Smith comic instead!!!

By GarciaM25
Written January 15, 2011
Just went to see this and could have written this about an hour earlier but I decided to stay instead of walk out on this garbage... let me just say once again, it was BAD! Kevin Smith's script was declined because of THIS? A script by Seth Rogan himself? Executive produced by Rogan as well? I gave it a shot, saw it in 3D (which was the only highlight of the movie, the technical aspect of the 3D was excellent, way better than the wasted hype Resident Evil: Afterlife was given), and hated it... After reading Kevin Smith's comic adaptation, I thought "hey, the film version has to be better if he didn't get his script put in to the movie, so let's see what they did instead of filming Smith's version," wow did they miss the boat.... The ENTIRE MOVIE was slapstick humor that wasn't funny, was more of racial insults to Asians than anything, and completely derailed the entire purpose of who the Green Hornet was (from the ORIGINAL comic book writings, going back to the beginning!) AVOID!
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