Loved it. Pay no mind to reviewers

By houstonmovieviewer
Written May 12, 2013
This was a LOT more fun than I expected. Leo is just the right age to play Gatsby (though Tobey Maguire seemed a little old for Nick). The real treat is Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan. What a performance. 3D isn't worth the extra money, but this is a really good telling of the tale.
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Great Gatsby...NOT

By geifried
Written May 19, 2013
Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but close. Too much emphasis on the glitz and not enough on the story. 3D version also seemed to push the 3D effect too much.
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By KarenVetrano
Written May 12, 2013
Great movie, stunning scenery and cinematography. Leo DeCaprio is great as usual. I don't thing the 3-D did much to enhance the story though. Most of the time the characters looked superimposed onto the background. It was distracting.
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Great modern adaptation of a very famous classic book

By olgapotapova
Written May 21, 2013
Movie is stunning. Leonardo DiCaprio is a very!! good actor, and looks amazing in this role while the rest of the film crew is holing to the promise of the rocking 20s. I read the book a few times, and I was very moved by this adaptation into modern life.
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By orkidfam
Written May 29, 2013
We enjoyed the way the film reflected the book, even down to some of the text, which is so beautifully written. We saw it in 3D, and that magnified the amazing spectacle. DiCaprio was amazing as Gatsby.
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