This is how my life has got to be old sport, its got to keep going on

By thewildswans
Written February 22, 2017
It was with great excitement and trepidation that I attended the 10 pm showing, I knew I'd love the film anyway, I'm a fan of Baz's work, and no this film is not one for everyone expecting a direct retelling. The film indulges in the Jazz age, and helps cement the chaos of that Summer of 1922, Nick Carraway is our "lantern in the dark" so to speak, as a direct witness to all of the decadence, the fading glamor, and the confidant of Jay Gatsby. The performances were incredible, especially Tobey Maguire, who really looks as if he belongs in this era, from his plain look, to the more sophisticated one he wears to Gatsby's parties. His narration is haunting, one with which the weight of each word can be felt as events transpire. Leonardo DiCaprio deserves accolades from bringing a human element to Jay Gatz, the dreamer who was cursed with falling in love. Carey Mulligan is Daisy, ten times the acting ability of Mia Farrow, and a careless, wreckless air about her, go see it.
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The Great Gatsby

By elfinalia
Written March 28, 2017
Baz Luhrmann is an artist for sure (LOVED Moulin Rouge). DeCaprio is certainly a presence but I was truly intrigued by Joel Edgarton (Tom Buchanan). The Tiffany Jewelry is exquisite. Toby McGuire -always a solid actor. Carey Mulligan had moments. But Elizabeth Debicki is strikingly gorgeous as Jordan Baker. First half: introduction and beautiful sets showing the rich. early second half... meh. Last part really shows Baz Luhrmann's artistry and ability to tell a story. Music: unsettling except for Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". Modern artists voice the music and dancers doing Beyonce's bump, grind and shimmy's have no place in this movie. Baz Luhrmann is faithful to those who have worked for him in the past. Same dancers in the party scenes in this movie from Moulin Rouge? ... especially the guy who did the ROXANNE which I love! Finally, those under 45 will probably not care for it. I did NOT like the 3D format at all. Overall: I would recommend it for the showiness and original tale.
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Must see - Excellent Interpretation!

By beccalev
Written May 23, 2017
Both my DH and I were pleasantly surprised by this movie. With all the release date changes, we had pegged this as a "clunker." Boy, were we pleasantly surprised! The interpretation of Fitzgerald's story is fabulous. You truly feel Gatsby's agony caused by his unrequited love...and Carey Mulligan is exquisite - not just physically, but in her embodiment of Daisy. The actors nailed their parts, and you truly feel as though you can tell what they are thinking and feeling. You "get" the excess (which everyone is talking about) could almost be a 7th major character. This particular rendition of "The Great Gatsby" is painfully I believe it was meant to be. I cannot wait to see it again! Definitely a "must-go!"
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The visuals alone are worth going to see it.

By msnilknarf
Written May 31, 2016
Originally we were not going to see it in 3D because I didn't think this type of film would benefit from it, but a friend said the critics said to see it that way. I would pass that advice along. The visuals were stunning. I had just reread the book in anticipation of seeing the movie and the screenwriter did a good job! Leo portrayed Gatsby perfectly.
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The Great Gatsby

By truscica
Written January 22, 2017
Beautiful to watch, although a tad cartoonish, filled with glitter and access as the story is told. As usual the underrated Leonardo DiCaprio gave a great performance as did Toby Maquire. Joel Edgerton was also outstanding as the cheating husband to the lackluster performance of Carey mulligan, who generally I love (Drive). To be fair, I do not remember much of the earlier version with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, but now I am very curious. Having said all that, it still evoked emotion from me. As I said before it was beautiful to watch.....
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