Good, not "Great"

By childkidd
Written May 13, 2013
Fine acting directing and production, awesome cinematography period costuming, period cars and sets. The weak spot for me was the plot. Somewhat thin and certainly a morose, sad ending. I also think the length is a bit long, it could easily been edited down 20 minutes to 2 hours. I would give this film a solid "B" or perhaps "B+", just can't give it an "A" rating.
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Great Movie

By Christianfalvarez
Written July 28, 2015
Unlike most movies based off books, they leave details out or will forget about important aspects of the movie Gatsby did not. This movie was inline with the book too a tee. The acting was great, so was the directing. The 3D aspect did not add anything special to the movie. I must say this was definitely one of Toby McGuire's better roles. And like always DiCaprio was amazing. All in all this was an amazing movie and I recommended everyone see it. Old sport.
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An hour too long and three hours too slow

By StevenC_in_NYC
Written August 03, 2015
The animated cartoon quality of some of the imagery and the lavish sets and scenes did not make up for the incredibly slow development of what is really a pretty quick and exciting story. I felt as if the movie was much slower than the book--how can that even happen? As much as I love the story and enjoyed the book, and as rich as the movie's images and costumes were, I really just wanted to get up and leave about midway through.
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What a great movie!

By ttlaff
Written July 03, 2015
It was such a great movie, thoroughly enjoyable and LDC just keeps getting better and better, Toby McGuire was great and the girls were all sizzling hot! The best 3D movie yet! We highly recommend it!
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Stylistic, Unique, Colorful, Expressive and Romantic

By Avid_movie-buff
Written January 31, 2015
A wonderful film, 10/10. Breathetaking extravaganza. Slow to start, but picks up speed as the story unfolds and truly captures the era that it takes place in but with plenty of directorial and musical liberties. What a amazing life these people lived. A fleeting glimpse into their lives, loves and relationships. Great story telling and a serioous attempt to be as faithful as possible to Fitzgerald's novel. Stunning visuals, bright colors and superb images and symbols. I loved it. Not to be missed!
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