A visual feast ...

By gotogurl
Written July 29, 2014
Gatsby has its problems, primarily in tone and performance, but it's unquestionably one of the most beautiful, visually rich films to come along in some time. Look forward to spirited discussions after the film about how Leo came off more crazy than charismatic, whether Carey Mulligan's Daisy is truly a golden girl that would inspire men to fight for her, and whether the visuals were so dizzying that it was hard to focus on how beautiful they were. Is it worth seeing? Absolutely. You'll be transported in a visual sense - and you'll likely be nspired to by the soundtrack, the least-bothersome and most entertaining of the film's anachronisms - even if the sum of so many gorgeous parts doesn't quite add up.
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Best version so far

By Don_in_VA
Written August 21, 2014
I was expecting to hate this movie since I walked out on "Moulin Rouge" which had to be the worst movie since "Ishtar". This was the best adaptation of the Great Gatsby story brought to the big screen. The music was a bit weird and the party scenes full of anachronisms, but all in all a decent movie. There were actually a few decent literary moments in the film and overall a good time.
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By mccarthy_1fan
Written August 29, 2014
This movie was absolutely a must see movie. The music, the filming, the acting was perfect. Dont listen to any bad reviews, this movie was fantastic. Wonderful job Baz Luhrmann!!!!!!
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My wife loved it....I liked it. Big thanks to 3D

By Nickhampton
Written May 12, 2013
Seen this in 3D and enjoyed the detail that the movie gave with the 20's & 30's look. Beautiful hats and outfits that had my wife giddy in her seat. I loved the cars and the rustic looked it had at times. Good storyline and Leo Dicap didn't disappoint, and wasn't filled with foul language and nudity that allows anybody over 13 yrs old to sit thru. I give it 3 1/2 stars and proves to myself that I will see anything Leo does on film.
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Don't listen to the talking heads and enjoy the most entertaining move of 2013!

By ornet
Written August 30, 2014
I read the book over fifty years ago in high school but somehow didn't forget the theme and what my teacher Miss Olivia Campbell had to say about it at the time. She said that Fitzgerald wrote about and differentiated the rich from the super rich of his time. In Gatsby he did this intermingled with a unique and intense love story. I went to the roll out premiere of the film last night and was, like many others, concerned about what the critics had to say about it. What I learned was that the critics write for each other, not for the general public. The production of the film in 3D and the acting were excellent. I enjoyed the film very much. It was not like the literary experience but resembled the Classic Comic Book experience that I also enjoyed in my youth. I say this not to denigrate the film which I loved but to remind us all that the book still remains for those of us who wish to experience Fitzgerald's rich mastery of the themes and language of his time.
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