Loved It !

By sailbruce802
Written May 23, 2017
I felt it outdid the REDFORD version, and the excitement ran the show throughout. I was somewhat disappointed in the JORDON BAKER character, particularly how the director missed her golf cheating moment that impacted Nick i the book and all the other versions. The cars were great evein though I believe they were at least ten years after the 1922 period reprisented. GATSBY was every bit as good or better than REDFORD. I saw it in 3D IMAX which added to the special effects. The party scenes were totally memorable.
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By maureenkloor
Written January 17, 2017
Loved this movie. I have not read the book but it made me want to read it. I saw this in 3D but it was not 3D like you would think(nothing is flying at your face), it really made the movie that much better and the colors amazing. If you have the option I would recommend seeing it in 3D! Great movie and a must see in the theaters. If you are going to opt to see it in regular view and not 3D I would just wait until it came out on dvd.
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This Movie

By Witqueen
Written March 23, 2017
won't be for everyone, but it will spark a nostalgia for days of future past. It is well acted and the sets are beautiful. I've read some reviews where people don't understand why some musical choices were made, but imho its a nod to our current society mimicking, exactly the excesses of our current day issues. Greed, corruption, the stark contrast between the wealthy and poor, no seemingly middle class..the 20's or 2013, is almost foretold in The Great Gatsby which spans from 1922-1929 after the market crashed. I wanted to see this movie, my hubby wanted to see Iron Man 3. This was his turn to pick and I was resigned to seeing his choice. However, when he realized TGG was out, he chose to see this. In his words, "the best movie he's ever seen" We did see it in 3d as that is our preference for movies, the theater was pretty full, and as end credits rolled, hardly anyone left their seat. Go, enjoy, and let the story fall into your senses.
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Enjoyable. . .

Written April 30, 2016
Having seen the original and read the book, I thought this was a good re-make. Cinematography was awesome. It was a little long and boring in parts as it took a while to get going. Also, certain scenes seemed to drag out but overall it was enjoyable. Leonardo was quite pleasant on the eyes.
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By orkidfam
Written September 25, 2016
We enjoyed the way the film reflected the book, even down to some of the text, which is so beautifully written. We saw it in 3D, and that magnified the amazing spectacle. DiCaprio was amazing as Gatsby.
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