Great Gatsby...NOT

By geifried
Written August 27, 2016
Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but close. Too much emphasis on the glitz and not enough on the story. 3D version also seemed to push the 3D effect too much.
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By laruem
Written July 26, 2016
The Great Gatsby was an engaging and entertaining evening. The 3D was probably a complete waste but a good marketing tool to boost the revenue, no contributing entertainment value seen. The movie itself was a great story reenacted over the years and presented on the big screen before. This versions contribution was a refreshing set of actors that are deserving of good accolades for their efforts. I was entertained but did not leave the theater with any revelations. Not a good movie for less than adult. Just would not be entertaining and engaging for the young set.
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Loved It !

By sailbruce802
Written January 17, 2017
I felt it outdid the REDFORD version, and the excitement ran the show throughout. I was somewhat disappointed in the JORDON BAKER character, particularly how the director missed her golf cheating moment that impacted Nick i the book and all the other versions. The cars were great evein though I believe they were at least ten years after the 1922 period reprisented. GATSBY was every bit as good or better than REDFORD. I saw it in 3D IMAX which added to the special effects. The party scenes were totally memorable.
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By KarenVetrano
Written May 27, 2016
Great movie, stunning scenery and cinematography. Leo DeCaprio is great as usual. I don't thing the 3-D did much to enhance the story though. Most of the time the characters looked superimposed onto the background. It was distracting.
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A Gorgeous Movie

By tomreviewer
Written June 24, 2016
I was thoroughly impressed by this. It was true to the previews. If you don't like the high energy and visuals of the previews, don't go. This movie made me a fan of DiCaprio and I've never been thrilled by his other work. The acting was superb. The visuals were stunning. I didn't remember the book, as I read it 25+ years ago and glad i didn't. It was like a surprise then. My only complaint is the #D effects could have been better utilized. I never had a feeling something was coming right at me- rather some elements were just more in the foreground than others. Also, some of the rap music was overdone. Beyonce's song was way out of place. BUT I get what they were trying to do. I would have fallen asleep if I actually sat through 20s jazz. Ignore the critics. This is a rich, lavish, beautiful entertaining escape of a movie. If I wanted a period piece (with no deviation) I would watch the History Channel.
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