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By movies-4-us
Written May 13, 2013
Five of us (ranging in age from 16 to 82) went to see it and we all enjoyed it very much. In fact, we all thought that it was great!!!!!!
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I loved the movie

By ifeholmes
Written December 17, 2013
This movie (not rating it compared to the book) was very good, and I really love Leonardo's role! Jay was Perfect. The score was pretty awesome and the camera technique was very different, but I loved it. Overall, this movie did evoke lots of emotion from me, so I say it was worth the watch!
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By bobboehmer
Written May 14, 2013
I liked this movie, it was like a cartoon about a love novel. Leonardo was great as was Toby M. Cinematography was beautiful, lots of glamoue and glitz.
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Hmmmm.don't know what all the fuss is about

By RMS4937
Written September 28, 2016
The scenery, costumes and sets are absolutely beautiful. The movie is a bit overacted - Leo is gorgeous but his transition from super cool to blubbering idiot happens without much story in between and this lack of background story seems to be the problem with the whole movie. I was not invested in why he loved her so much so the premise of the movie didn't make much of an impact. Tobey Maguire was great, but I couldn't buy into Daisy or why Gatsby was obsessed with her. Carey Mulligan was cute, but not the stuff of great romantic leading ladies and I didn't shed a tear at the end, and I cry watching Hallmark commercials.
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Yes, go! It's that good.

By LollyTrey
Written February 21, 2017
Leonardo DiCaprio deserves best actor for his portrayal of Jay Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann for best director, and Tobey Maguire for best supporting actor in this breathtaking film that will tug at your heart and haunt you afterward. Immersing yourself in The Great Gatsby will bring back your first memories of getting involved with the characters when you read this classic back (or currently) in high school. The rich details are pleasing to the eye; even though I saw this only 12 hours ago, I am ready to see it again just to take in more of the details and the director's artistic view of the novel.
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