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By bbbmovie
Written May 10, 2013
This Movie was Beautiful. The beautiful homes and sets, the Costumes were amazing and DeCaprio was amazing!!! Loved it all. I think the critics take themselves to serious. They don't know what they are talking about. This movie was true to the book and the acting was great! The only thing I didn't care for was Myrtle and that group. I think they made them look a little to cartoony. But I Loved it.
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Lost the story

By isaiyady
Written May 11, 2013
I've been waiting for this movie for a while, was pumped to go and see it in 3D and I did....I came out feeling disappointed. The visuals of the movie are fabulous, without a doubt. The music is amazing. Everything else....not so much!! Le DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby was...alright. He tried & sometimes succeeded in injecting a little life into his character. Mr Maguire proved Spidey looks constipated when he tries to act. Edgerton managed to be deliciously evil. With the exception of Elizabeth Dibicki as Jordan, everyone was...trying too hard. Carey Mulligan made me feel uncomfortable. The one and only positive thing about the cast of this movie was Mr Amitabh Bachchan himself as Meyer Wolfsheim. his brief performance is one that cannot be forgotten. He brings the dual nature of Wolfsheim, familiar to the readers, to the screen. He jumps from being a "happy go lucky" looking to this sinister man in the blink of an eye- the ability portray emotions simply through the eyes!
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Gatsby nice blend of many elements make a great film

By RLSteiner630
Written May 11, 2013
Slick blend of the novel with modern color, action, music and twenties flare of that era. Never boring. This long film moves right along with an interesting plot that keeps your attention.
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Plesantly Pleased;

By yurielbenisrael
Written May 13, 2013
My wife read the book years ago and after seeing the movie she shared with me that great effort was taken to capture the feel of the novel. She was thrilled that the cast, director, and crew hit their mark. I've never read The Great Gatsby but from what I experienced from the movie and what Dicapro, and Miguire were able to create it has now become a consideration. The sound track was not out of the roaring twenties but it flowed through the movie and kept an exceptable contemporary feel throughout the film. Some quirks noted, but over all an enjoyable experience.
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A really great Gatsby

By walkingguide
Written May 12, 2013
Full disclosure: I love Baz Luhrmann and his films fill me with joy. If he's not your cup of tea, then Gatsby won't be either. But if you just relax and let his lyrical, visually rich vision flood over you, you will be pleased. Leo D. does an excellent job being Baz's Gatsby. I finally understood why Nick says of him at the intro that he was the most hopeful man he had ever met. I read the novel and I've seen the Robert Redford version and I really didn't "get" either of those. This one, I understand. But beyond that, it is just magical and mesmerizing. But only if you let it flow.
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