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Gatsby, a piece of Americana as it was.

By adamschleman
Written June 10, 2013
Short of it: It's an American tortured love story brought to life with modern touches that do their best to warp the cultural differences between then and now. A soundtrack of modern songs redone in the era speak the loudest to these touches. The acting is up to the level of any film featuring DiCaprio and the supporting cast do their parts well. Carey Mulligan stands out with her reletively small acclaim previously (Drive). Some small changes and omissions from the novel will irk some literaries who wished they'd stayed tried and true to F. Scott Fitgerald's original. Given that, it's Hollywood. At 2 hours and 22 minutes it might be a bit long as the point of the plot is made early on and seems to ramble at moments towards the climax. All in all - I'd say go if you're a fan of the era, Leonardo DiCaprio, F. S. Fitzgerald, or torturous love stories of the like... Even if you haven't read the book , you may still feel like you're one step ahead of the plot development.
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By bobboehmer
Written May 14, 2013
I liked this movie, it was like a cartoon about a love novel. Leonardo was great as was Toby M. Cinematography was beautiful, lots of glamoue and glitz.
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I loved the movie

By ruthjames08
Written December 17, 2013
This movie (not rating it compared to the book) was very good, and I really love Leonardo's role! Jay was Perfect. The score was pretty awesome and the camera technique was very different, but I loved it. Overall, this movie did evoke lots of emotion from me, so I say it was worth the watch!
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Gatsby is GREAT!!!

By Sevasti
Written May 13, 2013
I love Baz Luhrman and his style and The Great Gatsby definitely lived up to all the hype. I knew going in the music was going to be amazing but the story was just as strong and the acting was very well done, especially the leads-played to a tee by Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. Take a shot on Gatsby and enter Baz's roaring 20's.
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DeCaprio Amazing

By ldavidj
Written May 28, 2013
The acting by Leo DeCaprio and the other members of the cast was superb, believable, engaging. AND, you could understand everything that was said (unlike so many movies lately where the actor's voices are garbled, or whispering, or drowned out by background noise--the people who put this movie together paid close attention to getting the voice levels correct--so you could actually hear and understand every word spoken! The sets and props were delightful, but not overpowering, and supported the story line appropriately. Very well done and wonderfully entertaining.
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