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Everything I Expected and More

Written July 01, 2013
I LOVED THIS MOVIE, but before I loved this movie, I loved the book for its poetic prose and for bringing the pomp and parties of the '20s to life. If the book brought the '20s to life, then this movie breathed new, spectacular life into it with its vibrant colors, glamour, and music. The use of contemporary music made this era even more relatable to 21st century adults by paralleling our experiences. The modern twist inspired me to see this movie on the big screen and it did not disappoint. More important than the look and sound was the actual content, which glued this experience together. I was very pleased that the original storyline stuck, though I don't see why it would have had to be altered. It is definitely something to be appreciated in this day and age when movie makers take story ideas from books and re-warp them into their own inconsistent creation. My only complaint is DiCaprio's acting seemed "put on" at just a few points, but overall each character's acting was DARLING.
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By movieluvinmom
Written May 13, 2013
Haunted by this story since I first read it in a Lit class. The film gave us the roaring 20's without feeling dated. Leo conveyed Gatsby's goodness, pain, vulnerability & love beautifully.
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By goingunder93
Written July 25, 2016
I absolutely loved Gatsby, the man and the movie. It felt comical in the beginning but earlier than halfway I was already engaged and melted into their beautiful world.
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Wait for the DVD

By azbecky
Written June 25, 2016
The movie has some great effects, the homes, the slums and scenry most of which was computer generated is amazing. The costumes in the party scenes and on the main female characters are wonderful. But it is over long and over loud. About half way through the movie I was feeling that I could have read the whole book in the tiime they were taking--and have had a much more pleasurable experience. Granted this may be a hard book to make into a movie but this one certainly missed the mark. I would watch it but wait if you are watching at home you can either fast forward or go for more snacks when you get bored--which you will.
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By flirtemercury223
Written August 26, 2016
Leo was excellent as usual. Seeing Baz's name I expected grandeur on the scale of Romeo & Juliet & Moulin Rouge....but didn't get that. I did enjoy the modern music set to the movie. The euphoria didn't last. Also this WAY 2 long for the content. Carey always plays a character that I just want to dropkick in the face and this was no different.
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