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Yes, go! It's that good.

By LollyTrey
Written May 05, 2015
Leonardo DiCaprio deserves best actor for his portrayal of Jay Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann for best director, and Tobey Maguire for best supporting actor in this breathtaking film that will tug at your heart and haunt you afterward. Immersing yourself in The Great Gatsby will bring back your first memories of getting involved with the characters when you read this classic back (or currently) in high school. The rich details are pleasing to the eye; even though I saw this only 12 hours ago, I am ready to see it again just to take in more of the details and the director's artistic view of the novel.
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By movieluvinmom
Written May 13, 2013
Haunted by this story since I first read it in a Lit class. The film gave us the roaring 20's without feeling dated. Leo conveyed Gatsby's goodness, pain, vulnerability & love beautifully.
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Everything I Expected and More

Written July 01, 2013
I LOVED THIS MOVIE, but before I loved this movie, I loved the book for its poetic prose and for bringing the pomp and parties of the '20s to life. If the book brought the '20s to life, then this movie breathed new, spectacular life into it with its vibrant colors, glamour, and music. The use of contemporary music made this era even more relatable to 21st century adults by paralleling our experiences. The modern twist inspired me to see this movie on the big screen and it did not disappoint. More important than the look and sound was the actual content, which glued this experience together. I was very pleased that the original storyline stuck, though I don't see why it would have had to be altered. It is definitely something to be appreciated in this day and age when movie makers take story ideas from books and re-warp them into their own inconsistent creation. My only complaint is DiCaprio's acting seemed "put on" at just a few points, but overall each character's acting was DARLING.
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A good film but not Academy Award material

By Windandlion
Written May 13, 2013
It started off slow but then one must remember that this was set in a time period where excess among the wealthy ruled the day. In many ways the film is a metaphor for today's society with its rampant air of entitlement and reckless abandon, not to mention complete disregard for those less fortunate. The real saving feature of this film is the cinematograghy and that doesn't usually hold me to the film as it progresses but this one did. If any aspect of this film is nominated for an Academy Award, it will probably be this. All in all, I would recommend going to see this film but keep your expectations in place for a 7.5 out of 10 work.
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Wonderful Version - Very Beautiful

By MonsoonLiza
Written December 18, 2014
We spent a wonderful afternoon watching this movie in 3D and I felt it was worth every penny. It is beautiful to behold and well acted. The script, acting and direction fully captures the rich nuances of the original characters and of Gatsby's own inner turmoil. I liked every bit of it and felt compelled to write this review since the critics are being absolutely brutal in their reviews. From what I can see on Rotten Tomatoes and other sites, this is one of those films where the viewers and the critics are on opposite extremes. I think its great!
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