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Amazing! All that Glitters is Gold!

By primkat86
Written May 18, 2013
I do not care what the critics said. I LOVED IT! It is 100% the most beautiful movie I have EVER seen. I have always been a fan of the director's work and "Romeo and Juliet" has always been my favorite movie, but I think this one almost tops it. Everything about it was perfect.
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Great adaptation of the book!

By slarsen89
Written May 30, 2013
Wonderful acting, and the combination of classic music with contemporary was genius... the goal was to create a similar energy that the audience could relate to, and I believe it was accomplished! Visually stunning cinematography, and all while hardly straying from the book. Regardless of what critics or cynical moviegoers may say, this film was beautifully done and Gatsby fans (like myself) and first-timers (my husband) alike will be able to appreciate it, as long as they are prepared for a long film! Go see it!
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The Great Gatsby

By charlie boy
Written May 26, 2013
Movie is great, stars are terrific, especially Leo and Toby BUT THE MUSIC??? Am still in shock. I am trying to reconcile this modern music with the roar of the 'roaring 20's', especially when there was so much fabulous classics to choose from. For instance, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, etc., etc., etc. Why 'o' why did they choose to spoil what could have been a 5 star film? The cinematography was great and probably spoiled with the use of 3D. I did not choose to view in 3 D format. This is not a film for very young children as they would never have understood it. However, it would be good for high school kids to see especially if they had read the book and/or other Fitzgerald works. A great American writer of an early era and who probably put a little of his own biography into the writing. Great film for young and old adults. I think it stayed true to Fitzgerald's writing, although I must admit it has been a few years since I read it. Must re-read.
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Help - Missed Key Point??

By murphymcx
Written May 12, 2013
First great movie - couple slow points. Huge noisy crowd so missed the "compliment" Toby had for DeCaprio toward very end of movie - just before the swimming pool scene. AN Anybody hear it - can quote if for me. Hate to rewatch 2hr20min movie for 10 second clip!!!
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Go see it, old sport!

By merylathome
Written June 04, 2013
I'd describe Baz Luhrmann's screen adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" as Gatsby kicked up a notch. While Robert Redford's portrayal of Gatsby in the 1974 film version fit more like a comfortable old shirt than Leonardo DiCaprio's, I enjoyed the ambience and energy of this version more. I thought I'd cringe when the era's soundtrack would yield to the hip-hop music that was roundly criticized in reviews, but I had the opposite reaction to it; I actually thought it was handled quite seamlessly, reflecting the high energy of the sequences. Most of the casting seemed right, although I found Mia Farrow's Daisy in the earlier version to be more ethereal and haunting than Carey Mulligan's. However, Tobey Maguire was inspired as Gatsby's neighbor/writer Nick, always "within and without," as was Joel Edgerton as Tom. DiCaprio seemed a bit forced whenever he had to utter the critical, ubiquitous phrase "old sport." I'd recommend this Gatsby to those who enjoyed the book.
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