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Gatsby nice blend of many elements make a great film

By RLSteiner630
Written March 04, 2015
Slick blend of the novel with modern color, action, music and twenties flare of that era. Never boring. This long film moves right along with an interesting plot that keeps your attention.
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Great story

By tomihall
Written May 26, 2013
The re-make is excellent. Now I've seen 3 versions of this movie and this is the best. Leonardo is a fantastic J. Gatsby. All the actors were true to the original story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The whole audience was deeply into the story. Only a few got up during the movie. It is well worth the money and the time to see this movie. I would like to see this again. This era of American history depicting the life styles of the people who had money and the "wannabees" who hung out with them was portrayed in an excellent manner. The whole production is Oscar worthy.
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Much better than expected

By PG1993
Written December 25, 2014
I thought it would have been another "bling-bling" story, using one of the best American novel to show off Hollywood type effects, but I was wrong. Moving, deep and intense, with a wonderful cast. Definitively, a must go.
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The Great Gatsby

By anmore
Written May 10, 2013
In response to the last review I read…it didn’t have to be silly to be both modern and old fashioned…It lacked sophistication, like much of this director’s work. I should have lowered my expectations! It pokes too much fun at what deserved to be epic….So disappointing! Good soundtrack though!
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Much more interesting than your high school English class

By martini43
Written January 25, 2015
I had heard a lot of detractors saying that the Director had overplayed his hand with the glitz and the glam of this movie. I don't agree, I think it was very fitting. The actors were great and brought out what was the essential elements of each charactor. Leo and Toby were at the top of their games. Honestly, Carey Mulligan as Daisy was very impressive. She managed to drain every shred of personality out of herself and capture the vapid nature of Daisy to a tee. She was easy to loathe in the role, and that is not easy to do when one is as dynamic as Mulligan is in real life. Her husband, Tom (played by Joel Edgerton), was comfortable in his own slimy skin and made the cast gel. Break out award has to go to Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan, the pro-golfer female wingman to both Daisy and Nick Carraway. She ozzed elegance and haughtiness that was the bitter in every mix of the movie. Because there is a 3D release, there were times that frames LOOKED like they should be 3D (boo)
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