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Really? REALLY?!?!?

By MichelleEkman
Written April 30, 2016
While the vivid colors and wild party scenes were, indeed, stunning, the movie as a whole left me wildly underwhelmed. My husband and I went to see this for date night, and by the half-way mark we were considering walking out. I, having read the book, knew that there was still potential for it to get better, and didn't want to be a "quitter", so we stayed till the bitter end. DON'T DO IT. If you think it will get better, IT WON'T. We finally made a little game during the movie based on how many times Leonardo DiCaprio said "old sport", just to provide ourselves with a little entertainment, since it became abundantly clear that the movie itself was going to provide NONE whatsoever. I felt like it was designed to keep the attention of a child with ADD, as the scenes and conversations seemed to change so rapidly it was hard to follow! In the days that followed, my husband was almost severely injured, as he seemed unable to stop calling me "old sport".....uuuuuuugh. Don't bother.
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By rosenkobe
Written May 26, 2013
I thought this film was way over the top in glitz and glamor, and lost its soul in the process. Acting was excellent, but I was hoping that the editor would cut about a half hour off of the film. i would not recommend this film. Too much gore and very very loud to the point where I had to cover my ears.
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Well done, very entertaining

By jberwald
Written January 24, 2017
I enjoyed the film. The acting was fine- and it was rather amazing that the American setting was actually filmed in Australia. The modern music didn't take away from the 1920s atmosphere. Gatsby is certainly one of the great American novels and this film does it credit.
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A little over hyped.

By mm352
Written May 13, 2013
There just wansn't a lot of passion or plot that kept you drawn in. It was stunning to see but I did keep wondering when it was going to be over and if there was a twist at the end to make it all worth it.
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By rosebudsmother
Written May 28, 2013
I have seen all the previous film versions of the book and I was disappointed after seeing the trailers on TV. I think Leonardo DeCaprio was miscast. Although he is incredibly handsome, I never felt the character with him. I wasn't thrilled with the music either. The costumes were fabulous as was the art direction. The dialogue was of course fantastic.
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