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An Excellent Gasby

By Billy58
Written May 12, 2013
I remember the 1974 version of "The Great Gatsby" with Robert Redford & Mia Farrow as being boring. This "Gatsby' is not boring. Baz Luhrman does a great job of bringing the Roaring 20's alive. The excess is there in vibrant color and 3-D that, in my opinion, is put to very, very good use. His direction, in a word, is excellent! Leonardo DiCaprio is a perfect Jay Gatsby. He has the look, the style, and the vulnerability. Tobey Maguire has never been better. He only adds to the feel of the time and, as the narrator in the character of Nick Carraway, definitely draws the viewer into the film. If nothing else, the film should get an Oscar nomination for Costume Design. They were perfect. The movie is slow, but the story is slow. However, in this "Gatsby", slow is not boring.
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A High School Book Turned into a Wonder World!

By mohitgandhi
Written May 12, 2013
This movie is a must see, especially if you have read the book earlier! While the story during the beginning was a tad bit slow, after the movie really settles in, the plot takes over and turns the movie into a wonderland. The scenes and costumes were beautifully constructed, props to Brooks Brothers for the clothes!
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Yes, go! It's that good.

By LollyTrey
Written July 01, 2016
Leonardo DiCaprio deserves best actor for his portrayal of Jay Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann for best director, and Tobey Maguire for best supporting actor in this breathtaking film that will tug at your heart and haunt you afterward. Immersing yourself in The Great Gatsby will bring back your first memories of getting involved with the characters when you read this classic back (or currently) in high school. The rich details are pleasing to the eye; even though I saw this only 12 hours ago, I am ready to see it again just to take in more of the details and the director's artistic view of the novel.
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By rfont20877
Written June 26, 2016
The movie was Ok but I did not think that rap music was an appropriate way to depict movie about the 1920's. Unless you are determined to see it soon, wait for the DVD,
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Really? REALLY?!?!?

By MichelleEkman
Written April 30, 2016
While the vivid colors and wild party scenes were, indeed, stunning, the movie as a whole left me wildly underwhelmed. My husband and I went to see this for date night, and by the half-way mark we were considering walking out. I, having read the book, knew that there was still potential for it to get better, and didn't want to be a "quitter", so we stayed till the bitter end. DON'T DO IT. If you think it will get better, IT WON'T. We finally made a little game during the movie based on how many times Leonardo DiCaprio said "old sport", just to provide ourselves with a little entertainment, since it became abundantly clear that the movie itself was going to provide NONE whatsoever. I felt like it was designed to keep the attention of a child with ADD, as the scenes and conversations seemed to change so rapidly it was hard to follow! In the days that followed, my husband was almost severely injured, as he seemed unable to stop calling me "old sport".....uuuuuuugh. Don't bother.
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