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By elliotvjones
Written May 11, 2013
I expected little but wanted to see it anyway, and this film blew us away. It is visually stunning, the soundtrack is amazing, and the acting terrific. I am familiar with the short novel by Fitzgerald, in fact recently re-read it and was impressed by how close overall the film stayed to the intent and acton of the book. It does have some small, noticeable errors and gets a little slow near the end, but all the costumes are brilliant and historic details in general are so spot on accurate It is a great love story, action, period piece, moral tale film - not to be missed (but i don't see how 3D really would add to this)
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Gatsby nice blend of many elements make a great film

By RLSteiner630
Written February 11, 2016
Slick blend of the novel with modern color, action, music and twenties flare of that era. Never boring. This long film moves right along with an interesting plot that keeps your attention.
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Interesting movie, but Hip Hop soundtrack in the 1920s? Really?

By miamimc
Written May 12, 2013
The actors worked really hard to portray the Aristocratic lifestyle back in the 1920s. Leo and Tobey did a nice job with their acting performances, but what really killed the movie was the poor music selection. Who came up with the stupid idea to incorporate Jay Z hip hop music? The music took away the movie's identity. Please don't me wrong, I love hip hop, but it wasn't needed for the movie.
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An Honest Review

By Love the Movies 2012
Written May 03, 2016
This is a solid movie. I never read the book, so I can't compare, but as a movie it was a beautifully made endeavor. The pluses: Beautiful. Leonardo Di Caprio is really great as the character he embodies. The story is engaging and there is enough of a mix between glitz and emotion to carry you through. The music weirdly worked very well. The minuses: The supporting cast is alternately nailing a scene or making a mess of it. Baz Luhrmann also takes his hyper edit style to an exhausting pace in some scenes. Also, the movie practically mimics Moulin Rouge in style, story and music pace the first 15- 20 minutes, Weird. All this being said, I'm glad I saw it. I was with a teen who thought it was very interesting, but the group of us were also squirming at the 2:20 appx running time. Cut 20 min and it would have been more effective. It's worth the ticket alone to see DiCaprio's performance. I'd give it a B.
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By flirtemercury223
Written July 06, 2015
Leo was excellent as usual. Seeing Baz's name I expected grandeur on the scale of Romeo & Juliet & Moulin Rouge....but didn't get that. I did enjoy the modern music set to the movie. The euphoria didn't last. Also this WAY 2 long for the content. Carey always plays a character that I just want to dropkick in the face and this was no different.
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