The best way to wrap up a great year of 2007 movies

By MovieFan0618
Written January 31, 2017
The Great Debaters offers many different types of emotions that will surely keep you inclined to watch the film. The emotions I experienced varied from extreme rage to a few heart-warming speeches. The Great Debaters is not a stereotypical 'black vs. white' movie, although the theme is present. The movie will inspire anyone to overcome any adversaries, while thinking a positive outcome is possible. This movie is great for any fan of Denzel Washington or anyone looking for a fantastic movie to end 2007 with a bang. The Great Debaters will not leave you disappointed.
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Written August 19, 2016
Excellent movie for family. Students learn something about tenacity. Very good family orientation plus historical. Good charactirization for all. Thanks.
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Good But Not Great

By morningcolors
Written January 24, 2008
I expected to see the greatest debating ever, but, I'm sad to say, the big debate finale failed to deliver a knockout punch. Not a bad film at all, but several plot holes and sloppy cinematography brought it down a notch. Denzel's one of the great actors of our time, but he's not at yet at that same high level with his directing skills.
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Great Movie

By Movie-Guru-Fo-Shooru
Written May 11, 2008
I watched this movie with my mom. She took me to see it. She loved it. I loved it. This movie has made me appreciate the opportunities I have now as compared to the struggles that African Americans have had to go through. The scene where they come across a black man getting lynched made me feel sick to my stomach. It's hard to believe people actually did that to other human beings. Great movie. Teaches great lessons. Should have been Oscar nominated.
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By Sambola34
Written March 23, 2008
GREAT is the Definition of this movie. GREAT acting GREAT speeches ! GreAt movie to see !
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