Great Beauty

By kristinkline
Written December 14, 2013
Visually it is magnificent. If you love Rome, you will go nuts. I would've edited out about 20 minutes. There are also a couple of plot twists that go unexplained that were bothersome. But the lead is excellent as is the supporting cast. Well, worth the trip. KK
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The Great Beauty

By abiwhale57
Written November 29, 2013
Exquisite! Very touching, very funny... I laughed and cried at the same time. Yes, I am going tonight for the 2nd time!
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3rd rate Fellini

By ostar99
Written December 30, 2013
Yes Rome is beautifully photographed. The story (such as it is) is lightly warmed over Fellini 81/2 without any of the artistry of the original. Rent the original - not only is it a much better film, but the time and place depicted (not to mention the characters) are much more interesting and original. Got to wonder why they even bothered?
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For middle-aged lovers of Rome

By vr121
Written May 24, 2016
This is not a film for teenagers or anyone who does not recognize scenes of Rome - for others, it is a great beauty.
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Rome Abstracted

By j2-cincity
Written December 22, 2013
Seeing Rome without hordes of tourists is like seeing the gorgeous landmarks in abstract. Marvelous. Wild opening scene party and then, unfortunately, all downhill. Not a word of dialogue that was interesting or clever. Meandering meaningless plot. Walked out after an hour. Sorrrry.
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