Beautiful Film

By cina-ma
Written January 21, 2014
This film is a kaleidiscope of scenes in the life of a group of wealthy Romans, the endless parties, funerals, luncheons, etc. all seen through the eyes of a writer Jeb Gambardella, who has just celebrated his 65th birthday ( played brilliantly by Toni Servillo ). Like Fellini , the director does not hold our hands to take us through the " plot." This movie makes the viewer work to make sense of the visual and verbal whirlwind and interrupt the film for himself.The wonderful cast of crazy characters and the gorgeous cinamatography of a Great Beauty- Rome, make the work worthwhile. However, it's not for everyone!
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By robertodonati
Written January 10, 2014
The most interesting movie this year by far. If You're a fan of Federico Fellini, Italy, or great filmmaking you have to see this movie. And if what I wrote in the previous sentence scares you don't worry it's also a lot of fun.
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Great Beauty

By midasw1
Written December 05, 2013
All the great qualities of Fellini cinema: world-weariness, imaginative scene-setting, interesting people. Bookends perfectly, both chronologically and artistically, with 8 1/2.
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The Great Beauty

By bswacker
Written February 16, 2014
The photography was inspiring. Unfortunately the choice of landmarks was paltry and many, especially the Colosseum, were shot from the same angle. The emptiness of the glitterati was well done. Parts were truly funny. Regrettably, the Angelica went dark a few moments before the film ended, so I missed the ending.
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la grande boring movie

By fandecinema
Written March 01, 2014
I usually love the italian movies, but this one is the worst. an assemblage of scenes with pretty women with a very light story , of hedonism. with no followup . real bad and this is nominated for the best foreign movie to-morrow . it won't win !! stay home and see another one.
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