The Great Beauty Synopsis
An aging writer bitterly recollects his passionate youth.
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3rd rate Fellini

By ostar99
Yes Rome is beautifully photographed. The story (such as it is) is lightly warmed over Fellini 81/2 without any of the artistry of the original. Rent the original - not only is it a much better...

The Great Beauty

By abiwhale57
Exquisite! Very touching, very funny... I laughed and cried at the same time. Yes, I am going tonight for the 2nd time!...

Great Beauty

By kristinkline
Visually it is magnificent. If you love Rome, you will go nuts. I would've edited out about 20 minutes. There are also a couple of plot twists that go unexplained that were bothersome. But the...

For middle-aged lovers of Rome

By vr121
This is not a film for teenagers or anyone who does not recognize scenes of Rome - for others, it is a great beauty....

Rome Abstracted

By j2-cincity
Seeing Rome without hordes of tourists is like seeing the gorgeous landmarks in abstract. Marvelous. Wild opening scene party and then, unfortunately, all downhill. Not a word of dialogue that...

A long, self-indulgent imitation of Fellini

By WAX171
While there are some glimpses of genius, and some pretty scenography, this is mostly a very long imitation of Fellini. The theme of Rome's decadence has been done to death. Many scenes lasted way too...

The only thing beautiful was Rome

By gabbycorner
Not really the best indication of Italian cinema today, although nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film. Really boring Fellini rip off with no discernible story line. We saw the downfall of...

Pretentious and boring

By tblackington
Yes, the film is beautiful with a catchy soundtrack but the main character, in addition to being hard on the eyes, is completely dissipated and uninteresting. There is little plot and a lot of...

Beautiful Film

By cina-ma
This film is a kaleidiscope of scenes in the life of a group of wealthy Romans, the endless parties, funerals, luncheons, etc. all seen through the eyes of a writer Jeb Gambardella, who has just...

The delicious The Great Beauty satisfies all cravings with a feast for the eyes, and mind.

By jillkbowman
This film is a masterwork of stunning imagery, spot-on acting, and warm truths about the absurdity of the human condition. A sly homage to Fellini, it is a tale told with great humor and generosity...

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