Nothing Left To Do But Smile Smile Smile

By mojomajik1
Written August 07, 2012
Gone are the good ole' days of The Grateful Dead shows with Jerry, but the memories of his talent will allow this legend to live on forever:)
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Thank you Jerry!

By youdonotknowme
Written August 04, 2012
I'm biased when it comes to mid-70's Grateful Dead. This was prime time in my humble opinion. My wife and I had a great time at this screening of the Grateful Dead Movie in honor of Jerry Garcia's 70th birthday. The movie looked very clean in a full theatrical presentation. The sound was also great. Good mix and wonderful separation. We got our tickets on-line without any problems. Thnaks Fandango! Ok, here's my request for the next Grateful Dead offering; The Grateful Dead: Dead Ahead---(1981). This concert movie captured the band preforming acustic and electric songs during a 1980 fall run of shows that were recorded at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The band is tight and music just soars with energy! Com'on Fandango and Fathom, I need a miracle!
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Still Truckin'

By zonker4965
Written August 02, 2012
Most have seen this movie from home on an old VHS tape. The quality of the film was much, much better. It gave me memories of my time traveling the country on Dead tour. It was a good film made in the early 70's. More importantly Fathom is doing a AWESOME job in bringing these types of things to the big screen. I hope they are able to start streaming live shows from other jam bands.
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Technical difficulties

By rickvv
Written August 02, 2012
The movie at the Eagan theater was very good, and the new extras (although blatantly commercial ;) were fine...nice to get a sneak preview of "spring 1990". But...the show started 15 minutes late, and later... with 20 minutes remaining, we lost all the sound. Manager said they'd rewind and finish the show, and give out coupons for a free movie...but I didn't want to wait. (got the free pass, but had to get home). We only had about 25 people in the audience, so there wasn't much crowd reaction. But it's always good to see the dead and the heads in a prime period of history.
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The Grateful Dead Birthday Celebration

By orange52
Written August 02, 2012
This was an awesome movie, especially for one without "acting." The entertainment was nothing short of what you would expect from the Dead. It was amazing to see what went into setting up the stage and accoustics, not to mention how orderly the mobs of fans were controlled. I never went to a Grateful Dead concert; after seeing this, kinda wish I had! I would rate this movie PG-13, due to the use of drugs and language.
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