The Grateful Dead Birthday Celebration Synopsis
In celebration of Jerry Garcia’s 70th birthday, NCM Fathom Events brings "The Grateful Dead Movie" back to select movie theaters nationwide for a special one night event on Wednesday, August 1 at 7:00 PM (local time).

Movie Reviews

Nothing Left To Do But Smile Smile Smile

By mojomajik1
Gone are the good ole' days of The Grateful Dead shows with Jerry, but the memories of his talent will allow this legend to live on forever:)...

Thank you Jerry!

By youdonotknowme
I'm biased when it comes to mid-70's Grateful Dead. This was prime time in my humble opinion. My wife and I had a great time at this screening of the Grateful Dead Movie in honor of Jerry Garcia's...

Still Truckin'

By zonker4965
Most have seen this movie from home on an old VHS tape. The quality of the film was much, much better. It gave me memories of my time traveling the country on Dead tour. It was a good film made in...

Technical difficulties

By rickvv
The movie at the Eagan theater was very good, and the new extras (although blatantly commercial ;) were fine...nice to get a sneak preview of "spring 1990". But...the show started 15 minutes late,...

The Grateful Dead Birthday Celebration

By orange52
This was an awesome movie, especially for one without "acting." The entertainment was nothing short of what you would expect from the Dead. It was amazing to see what went into setting up the stage...

Trip Log: When it Comes 'Round, Best Go 'Round!

By Purple Moon
The Grateful Dead Movie has been out for a while now, and I never tire of going to see it on the theater screen, For quality of sound and graphics alone, this concet flick, put together from a series...

Jerry's Birthday Party

By tmns
I went to see "The Grateful Dead Birthday Celebration" with my husband, and a friend. While I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane, I would have liked to have seen more of the behind the scene...

Just like being at a show

By rachelinsf9
A must-see for Deadheads and even moderate Grateful Dead fans like myself. If you have ever enjoyed a live show, this will bring back all the memories and atmosphere and uniqueness of the...

Excellent Show

By Jackaroses
Simply put - this is the BEST presentation of The Grateful Dead Movie ever. I saw it at the Cinedome in L.A. when it first came out and loved it - and I now own it on blu-ray. But the theater mix...


By kushman898
Amazing movie demonstrating the wide variety of skills that the Grateful Dead have presented since the bginning of the bands existence. Amazing to say the least. A must see for ALL who are wondering...

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